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    Smart Ban System

    Hi all...

    I have a big problem.

    I have ut2k4 server, and one big bad man soils him. I very wish BAN him.
    But... He was dynamic ip adress. Ban as host or network bad, as many people with him network. If I ban him as uid or cdkey, him change it.
    The new approach to the decision of a problem is necessary!

    I offer to create mutator which will allow to solve the given problem and we shall all is useful. I have thought up algorithm:
    1. If new user connect to server, then he give special key. This key stored on the server in the ini file as name, cdkey, uid, special key, ip ...
    2. This special key stored the client. In the cache, your user.ini and if probably create file in the system directory with content special key.
    3. and if user second connect to server, then server сhecks your special key. If note key server create new key. (many location must be for user don't delete key). if key banned - user banned.

    And for good cheking necessary to create ckeck special system uniq files as md5 and save... and check user as md5... For example md5 folder System different users - different md5 (without cache)

    Who can than to help that? Let's create it. In fact it will be useful for much!

    And thanks for any help!

    With the best regards, Vladislav.

    I'm no good at coding but I do understand what you're getting at.

    Unfortunately, there is programs that can change anything. I.P., CD-Keys, PC IDs... everything.

    My dad used a program to surf the web anonymously. Used for security.


      But program and people don't know what the secret line in the your config... And others locations... And depending on location secret key must crypt.


        or ban as md5 sum dir... if user don't install maps, he long time be banned


          I guess you using pirate version of game
          Install licenced server and it would solve problem.


            Ok hm....Come up with a new server ok and whats your server called I may be able to help u since I run a server of my own


              Thx for your posts. I have uid ban.