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CTF Mutator Requests (GOTY)

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    CTF Mutator Requests (GOTY)

    I have two short mutator requests for UT 99/GOTY.

    CTF Reset Players
    First, would anyone be able to program me up a quick mutator for UT that, when either red or blue team captures the flag, ALL players on BOTH teams would either be fragged immediately, or sent back to a respawn point?

    The idea is to basically reset player positions with each score in a one-flag CTF game -- similar to how the Soccer mod works (the one that uses SCR- maps).

    UT Rounds
    Second, I'd like a mutator that will stack with any and all other existing mutators (except mods that already do something similar, such as the aforementioned Soccer). What it needs to do is split a match of UT into Rounds -- for example, a team CTF game using it can be configured to be played in three rounds of 10 minutes per round, or five rounds of first to five wins, or whatever. My specific need is # of rounds + time limit (3 rounds of 10 minutes each, or 2 rounds of 15 each).

    The scores from each round should be saved and totaled per quarter/half/period/whatever. So if Red scored 15 and Blue 9 in Round 1, when round 2 starts the HUD will read 0 and 0, but the F1 screen should still show the current TOTAL of 15 - 9.

    For example..

    TOTAL SCORE: Red 15 --- Blue 9
    CURRENT ROUND: Red 0 --- Blue 0

    Round 1 FINAL: Red 15 --- Blue 9
    Round 2 FINAL: (would mimic CURRENT ROUND)
    Round 3 FINAL: PENDING
    Round 4 FINAL: PENDING

    And yes, they need to work online.

    If someone knows of a mutator that already does either of these (I've not been able to find one), point me in it's direction? I could've sworn I saw a mutator or gametype with rounds in the past, but I think that was early versions of Infiltration, so it doesn't count.

    Contact me if you need details (like other mutators it's going to be used with, etc) or have more specific questions.

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    "Impervious To Incompetence"