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    Massive Vehicle Ideas

    So I'm pretty new to the forum in terms of posting (as you can see), but I have been watching these forums and checking out some nice work for a long time now. I finally decided to try posting some of the stuff that runs through my head that I think might be cool, most of which are vehicles. These are summaries, so feel free to ask more in-depth questions. Here goes!

    [Note: Although I would like to be, I am not a programmer/coder or anything, so I'm not sure how feasible these ideas are. Just throwin' them out there as they came to me.]

    The Home Run CCV
    This is more of a fun/OMGWTFLOL vehicle I thought up at work. The basic idea behind it is the Home Run Cannon. The Home Run Cannon is mounted on the back of a medium vehicle (say, a hellbender) and is used for crowd control. It fires off an energy beam that turns into a large energy blast on contact (much like a levi). Before the blast, the beam quickly pulls enemy vehicles/infantry towards the point of contact, and the blast sends them flying in all directions, doing light damage. I've always searched for a way to clear a large group of enemies without having to kill them, like when you are going for the core. You kill them -> they respawn at the core -> they kill you -> you have to walk (or ride) and it slows the game down a bit IMO. This way you could have some breathing room for a moment or two. I was also thinking the throwing could be graded, like levi = not movin too much; goliath = a good shove; bender = a powerful shove; scorpion and manta = out of the park (hence the cannon's name); and infantry = enjoy your new life as a satellite. Air would be a bit more interesting, but you get the idea.

    Now for the BIG stuff

    Oblivion Cannon
    This vehicle is pretty much just a giant cannon. 2-seater, driver for moving and operating the cannon, passenger for defense using 2 machine gun turrets. I thought of this one as a 4-legged vehicle, maybe cause of the Scarab from Halo 2, and it is just cooler . The cannon is similar to a shock rifle, but on a much larger scale. The primary fires a small ball of antimatter that can do some good damage to whatever it hits, but the fire rate should be quite slow. The alt fires a beam of hypermatter that also does a good deal of damage, with a little faster firing rate. These are nice, but of course you gotta add in an epic-scaled shock combo. Same theory behind the shock rifle, but with the biggest explosion in UT history. If you read Angels and Demons, then you read that when antimatter reacts with matter, the outcome is a heavy dose of devastation. I'm not sayin' that everything you read is true, but let's just pretend it is for right now . You could even make the primary a charging shot so you can customize how big your boom is. This is just an idea for a "holy %$#@ what do we do now?!?" vehicle, though its speed and minimal defenses should make it vunerable to fast vehicles and air.

    and last, but not least...

    The Doomsday Device
    That device you always hear the villains talking about is finally on the market! A giant, 3-seater tower on treads that deals out mayhem like nobody's business. One of my favorite mods right now is Ballistic Weapons 2.0, and as I have fun electro-shocking everything in sight with the lightning gun, I think to myself "how cool would it be to have this on a vehicle?" So I give you the Mjolnir, the biggest lightning gun around. Further range, around 30-50 yds (I'm bad with in-game distance, so correct me if that doesn't sound far at all), with less 'grabbing everything in sight'. I was thinking that it should probably only be able to hit 2 or 3 targets at once. Also it could be a charge up weapon, like charge for 5 or 10 seconds, and be able to sustain a bust for 15 or 20 seconds. And once you get the cannon all charged, you could instead use the alt fire to unleash it all at once to cause an electrical storm within a large radius. Passenger would work 2-4 defense turrets to help keep your death machine up and runnin. At first I just thought of either lasers or plasma, but Xyx's idea of trying to do something new for each weapon stuck with me, so I tried to think of something else. So I thought "what about some kind of net?" It would work much like the scorpion's cannon, but instead of just one like, it would be more like a web, and would immobilize anything caught by it while causing damage. Just imagine netting a cicada out of the sky, then electrocuting it to ashes. It makes me happy. Once again, speed and size would make this a considerable target for fast vehicles and flyers, though if you had some good netters with you, not much could stand in your way!

    As I thought of these, it sounded like it was right up Xyx and T-Shinzon's alley, but they are probably up to their ears in their XS mod right now. Anyways, these are my ideas so far, and for a ONS map that could fit them all in! Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

    Lightning tower?

    Why am I reminded of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 (soviet disc.)
    I recall three tesla troopers giving the Eiffal tower (can't spell correctly today) a high voltage charge and it electrocutes everything around. Buildings, soldiers, vehicles, everything. Kinda cool really in offense.


      I havent played C&C: RA 2 myself, but I have seen some pictures of said tower I believe. The Doomsday Device would be mobile (altough slow), and the Mjolnir would have to be aimed at whatever needs to be zapped, only hitting up to 2-3 targets at a time.

      ...though something like a tesla coil defense tower could add some fun to the battlefield. Hmm...


        or...make it the real doomsday device...for in a AS map.
        make it fly, fly FAST!