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NEED a file to a mod! any help?

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    NEED a file to a mod! any help?

    Hell-0 ya'll. My name is Harry Ballzanya....still playing 2k3 since 2003, lol.

    Anyhoot, I would LOVE to find a certain file, but on the web it seems like it has disappeared. I am looking for a mod that was entered in the make something unreal contest but it didn't make it. The nickname it has is called BOOM trans. Real name I am not sure. I have the .u file for it but not the other file that allows you to use it in instant action mode. The u file is called TConc.u if this helps anyone. I have a SS of it since I once held a tournament using it...

    That explosion is what happens when you left click to shoot out a trans and instead of right clicking to goto your trans spot, you left click again to create that boom...

    ANY help would be great!

    Thanks everyone!



      Thank you Frogger for the quick response...

      After decompressing that file that is the u file I there a int file or something else that enables one to use it in instant action by selecting it form the list of available mutators? OR a way to set in that u file to work in instant action mode.

      Thanks so much!


        Object=(Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.Mutator,Name=TConc.TConcMod,Description="Boom Trans Mutator.")
        Create new textfile, have TConc as filename, change extension to int, insert the lines above and save file. You now have the int you want.


          Thank you Lord Buggy....I will give that a try.


   luck on that as I was unable to convert the textfile into a .int file by simple changing the name with extention in it like I would normally do with pic or music.

            I will try to look around for a program to convert it.


              Really sorry for the triple post BUT,

              I had a brainfart of an idea....I took an .int file from another file and copied it to my desktop. Erased all in it, replaced the line you gave me Lord Buggy. After I changed the name to what was needed. Copied it back into system folder and Waloa!~

              IT WORKS!~

              Thanks to all and sorry to be a pain...I just love that mod!

              PS- If I can be of any help as I can photoshop AND I do some phone mod'ing. I used to mod on Moto phones V551, V557, V3 Razr...and also have now a Sony Erricson W300i. I have OVER 500 .jar and .jad files for games. Just to repay for the help...thank you

              Here is some photoshopping sigs and stuff I have made so you can see my talent;


                cool... but im lookin for a new phone lol i got this dud old v300..