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    new weapons

    it would be cool if someone could make these weapons!

    1. Lighting cannon

    1st fire: Zapper (stream of lighting flows out the barel, damaging anyone in front of you)

    2nd fire: Lightning Laucher ( throws many lightning bolts at once, useually a one shot one kill)

    2. Fire Launcher (improved version of the UT2Chaos Flamethower)

    1st fire: Jet Blast (works kinda light a jet engain with you begin perpelled anywhere. another example woould be in quake 4 on the one mission wear you have to turn on a strogg engain thruster thing to blast throght the glass wall.

    2nd fire: ejector (fire a cartige of napalm, it explode in mid air anyone hit by the naplam is on fire)

    3. vortex gun

    1st fire: (no name) (distortes time and space creates a hole that cause the inteding reciever to explode and implode and the same time.)
    example: FFX before the cutsence before the 1st battle with Sin.

    2nd fire: distrotion shield (distortes time and space that temporarly delfelcets incomeing fire to the side.

    Ice Launcher:

    1st fire: Ice Breathe ( same as 1st fire on the fire luancher except you frezze your opponet and evenualtly breaks apart into pieces. plus you can create slippy places on the floor

    2nd fire: ice mine( fire a poxy mine that freezes anyone the come close to it.

    sounds sweet


      Hey Night Shadow,

      Check this out....