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Madigascar penguin skin (project need help)

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    Madigascar penguin skin (project need help)

    About 9 months ago I had asked a friend to take up on a project to make a madigascar penguin skin for unreal 2004.

    However he had to drop it, as he has become way to busy to even look at the project, and hasen't steped foot into unreal in about 6 months.

    He sent me the files that he started to work on the skin.

    I know he kinda finished the model, and started working on skeleton, and karmadata file. But beyound that I don't know.

    He dosen't know which file is the current version. So there is about 60 random files in this package i am puting in a download.

    Im asking that if someone would be kind enogh to look into this or consider taking up where he left off. As I think this would be a very cool skin to be in unreal.