More pics & download here: http://unrealtournament2004.filefron...AX_Tina;27917x

As you can see, a mighty fine looking model! Unfortunately, she does have some skin problems... From the readme:

--Probably skin is a little too bright (a little?!).
--No texture change when dissapearing while dead (green fading texture)
--Fingers give some problems at long distances (edges turn green or other colors)
--Alpha textures make some stuff transparent (engine's fault not mine, I guess).
--Tina won't be invisible (or have any other special effects because it's using more than 2 textures)
Also this is a 2K3 model, so it doesn't have any driving animations, and it's very high poly (14605), but that's no big deal imo. The skin definitely needs some work, though. TC bikinis and stuff like painted (finger) nails would be nice, too. *cough*nude skin*cough*cough*

The original author, see download page & readme, has apparently abandoned this project long ago, so it shouldn't bother him if someone else finishes the job... There isn't any contact info in the readme, afaik, but copyright isn't really an issue in this case as the model is a port from another game.

Any pro skinners out there who would like to give it a shot??