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Weapon idea - Redeemer shock cores!

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    Weapon idea - Redeemer shock cores!

    This could be a superweapon, or a replacement for the shock rifle..
    Primary fire: standard shock primary (adventurous )

    Secondary fire: fires a shock secondary redeemer style. The core can be controlled much like the redeemer alternate fire and uses up 4 ammo.

    Primary fire in camera mode detonates the core in a combo style blast while alternate fire again exits camera view for the player to shoot at the core, normal UT style.

    Anyone think this is a good idea? It was just a passing thought I had a few minutes ago, but I considered it one of the more sensible ideas I've heard, and thought it worthy of being shared with the community.
    I would imagine the coding would be very simple for someone with knowledge of Uscript and whatnot, but for someone such as myself, it may as well require building a working model of it for target practice

    Sounds plausible and maybe it could be quite interesting - it's certainly not going to be too tricky, seeing as the majority of the code required can be stolen from the Redeemer


      Question - does the player firing the secondary remain vulnerable? With just a standard core and combo-explosion, it seems like too much risk for too little power.



        Uses progresiiveiley bigger shock explosions up to ION blast then multi random explosions....really coo.
        Just keep shooting the core with lasers.

        I use loaded to do it alot