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    Quarantine Recruitment

    Hello, I am the leader and mapper of Quarantine for Unreal Tournament 2007. First off I would like to introduce the mod and give you some details then I will specify what I am looking for...

    It all started in July 6th, 2008. Scientist begin working on a "vaccine" that is supposed to prolong life by years and cure
    many illnesses such as the common cold. It's only spread through skin tissue and blood/saliva. They took samples in and
    tested it on 10 males. Within a week they were out of control and devoured all scientists in the science lab which is located
    in Pinewood City's mountain side and is known to only few. They reached the city and turned 99% of all residents into
    infected victims. By July 27th the city was a quarantine area by the military of the United States. This was not in the hands
    of the military though, so they were called to pull out their men so the professionals could do their job... the
    Biological Recon Attack and Surveillance (B.R.A.S.). Although they only had few men, their resources were unlimited and their
    skill was unbeleavable, perfect for the situation. By August 20th the were ordered to go in, in order to save/protect many
    important subjects left in the city. The main subject, Hillary Johnson the daughter of the cities mayor was left behind while
    he was taken out without a chance to go back. Along with many others. The rules:Protect yourself,then your friend. Above all,
    bring back the subject unharmed. It's up to you now, the city is counting on you.

    When encountered with an enemy you must click the alt fire button to aim on the target nearest and hold it, then pressing
    the attack button will use your weapon or item. To leave Battle Mode you must run away far enough. There will be a Switch
    Target button which will switch targets untill you get on the one you want to fight.You will be able to move while in Battle
    Mode, and by holding the run button you can evade attacks.

    While walking/running around you will be in first person always. But when you go into Battle Mode then you will switch to
    third person to give you a better view on where your enemies are.

    We will try our hardest to master the survival game genre, with close calls throughout the game and suspence while running
    from blood sucking zombies all the way. Trying to knock down a door with only a few seconds untill your life is up for grabs
    making a wrong turn into an allie with no way out, you name it.

    For our first release we will only have our "WORLD" gametype. Which is a server real time and you start from point A, and
    go to point B to C and so on completing missions throughout your fight for life. What's a survivor game with out a traitor?
    In the begining of each round one person gets to be a traitor, no one knows who he is until the end of the match where he
    does what he needs to do which would ruin the entire mission for everyone else. If you come in after the game starts you'll
    just have to wait untill the end of the round. If you lose all your fighters or run out of time you fail your mission.

    This is introduced in our "WORLD" gametype also, one of the main questions for most fans: "Will I be become a zombie?".The
    answer is YES. After you die in your human form you will change into a zombie, and everytime from that point on you die you
    will be a different zombie untill the next round. The only way to become a zombie is to die in the mission. The zombies will
    be slow but have realistic (Oximoron) movements and attacks, so don't fear not being able to have any fun with the zombies.

    Also known as B.R.A.S. will be your men. There will be 16 members, and two squads:Alpha and Bravo. Eight men for each squad.
    Each squad will have one captain, two medics, two fighters, two long ranges, and one tail fighter. The captain will make the
    orders and will be voted on by the players before the game, medics will treat and heal any wounded players, the fighters will
    have the most fighting power, the long ranges have long range weapons (Sniper) and if ordered will take roof tops to take a
    better view on where the squad is headed, and the tail fighter is basically the man who stays far behind everyone else, but
    also has a set up suited for his position. None of these positions are enforced but with the setups for the ranks set up
    they will be the best strategy.

    __THE CITY__
    This will be the area introduced in the game. Although it is the only map on our first release it will be big enough to
    keep you busy. We will have from the suburbs to the main city to maybe even a small forest.

    In order to keep you on the edge of your seat we'll try our hardest to get the grosses, hardest and unique enemies around.
    We'll have slow zombies, fast zombies, fat zombies, zombie dogs, human enemies, and many many more. No the zombies will not
    have weapons.

    __THE TEAM__
    We have almost a full team, unfortunately many of the members are currently busy with work and studying etc. so I'm taking the time to recruit new members untill many of the current staff members will get free time to work on the mod again. Our strongest members consist of mainly mappers, a coder, a sound tech, a weapon modeler, and a few other helpers. Our strongest points of now are weapon modeling and coding. So incase your thinking "You must be some newb just looking for people to work on your mod for you" think again.

    Now the main question..."What is needed the most?". Well for now we seriously lack:Player modelers, animators, model skinners, and object modelers. I prefer you use common programs such as Maya and 3dStudio Max but if you use another for any of those that would be fine. I'll also accept coders and possibly other areas of work. You must have free time and you MUST have examples of your work.

    Unfortunately our website is being redone but not to worry, it will be hosted very soon.

    Here is a screen shot of the Beretta weapon used in the game, unfortunately it's the only one I have for now but we'll have more soon.

    Thank you for your time.

    Might help if you let people know why they'd bother.


      How many zombies mods for ut2007 do you know of? How about just mods? Ain't to many are there? Aside from that everything you just read should be enough reason to join if you are interested in this type of mod.