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    More then DoubleDomination

    so i was thinking of something but using more then just 2 things

    something like kingofthehill but with the abillity to have more then 1 hill

    the 2 teams would have a vearing ammout of players
    about 500-1000
    each time some 1 dies you lose 1-5 points for your team

    the goal is to have the other team go down to 0 points

    for each "hill" there is some seconds delay then they other team starts losing points every 5-10 seconds
    the points lost veries with the number of hills or something

    so think of it this way

    there are lets say 4 hills and each team starts with 600 points
    red team takes point a b and c
    blue team takes point d
    there is no weapons being fired
    after about 1 minute red team has like 540 points and blue has 320 points

    i hope that clears some confusion up

    but man it can offer some good gameplay and hopefully we can have some vehicles maybe

    anyway i just remembered a mod like this but it is different clone bandit
    to different to make me happy

    anyway waht do you guys n gals think?

    The maximum size of any game in UT is 32 players. That alone hugely taxes servers (in network play) and eats CPU (with bots). And you're suggesting 500?

    Aside from that, and it's a fairly major "that", sounds like an interesting idea. But the scale you're suggesting is insane.


      What I dislike about this idea is, that it forces strong players to attack the weak ones so the other team looses tickets as fast as possible.


        no no no thats points not players!

        the players just respawn

        and there can be options to eve it out


          the idea behind this is to have people work as a team to keep there points up and to get the enemys down

          there could also be a time needed to sit on a hill before it activates
          that way the other team has a chance to take it back
          anyway 1 strong player cant tip the scales and win the game
          anyway another way to name the hills is poc..point of control :3

          ayway it can make designing a map interesting since there are multible abjectives and a game at the shortest cant be won for altest a few mins of play
          and hopefully the players will be usefull enought to have the pocs change hands this way and that making it drawn out even longer

          unlike ctf/dd/dm/tdm/and some times ons the game cant be won fast enough


            ever played battlefield 2 singleplayer, are you trying to do something like that?


              It sound ok, actually.
              When i go online, nobody plays like a real team, always the "I" in the team and usually that team breaks apart and loses the match.
              They scatter around the field and go to places where there is nothing really important to see or do for the team. (yeah, i stalk alot in UT )
              Only thing is the player amount, lol, 500!? :bulb:
              But KOTH (King Of The Hill) is already in CUT2:E (Chaos UT 2: Evolution) and i like playing that, so i'll stick to that.


                never played it

                have you ever played a game called shatteredgalaxy?


                  hey how do i get to the code for doubledomination?
                  like the .uc's?

                  C:\ut2004\system>batchexport C:\ut2004\system\?????? class uc to C:\ut2004\system\WHATEVER

                  is that the command prompt thing to get it?

                  and how can i make a 3rd dom?
                  after i learn how to make a 3rd i can make a 4rd and so on


                    so i have been thinking
                    how to make a 3rd 4th or more doms isnt that hard
                    but the problem that posess me is some errors that would acurre

                    1= how do you move the things in the top of the screne so i can have 4 in a row and not 4 overlapping causing an error in compilling
                    2=how do you make a static in ed and get it to work so i have a letter C and D
                    3=im guessing i go to the xddoms and change that code thing from 2 to 4

                    appart from taht it should be easy to just copy the code from xdomA
                    and make a xdomC and xdomD

                    its just the problem with the 1 and 2 that would stop me from trying atm

                    any takers on how to do that?