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    mod/mutator request

    superheroes for ut2004. like the quake2 version.


    Anyone want to take a stab at updating superheroes UT?


      i doubt it. And by the way, i'd be great if you could EXPLAIN IT!


        a description

        from the readme.

        All Superheroes take half damage. From everything. Period.

        There are four types of super powers in SH2: Active, Passive, Special, and Triple.

        Active Powers are things you must manually use: Optic Blast, Freeze Grenades, and Power Anchor are a few examples.

        Passive Powers are effects that automatically occur; you don't have to do anything to make them work. Flying, Super Speed, and Bullet Proof are a few examples.

        Special Powers modify your normal fighting attributes: for example, Reduced Ammo Use, Hasted Attacks, and Super Jump.

        Triple Powers are combos that take over for all three of your powers (Active, Passive, and Special). They can be better described as a character type, instead of a certain kind of power. For example, Archmage and Killer Robot are two Triple Powers.

        When you first connect to a Superheroes server, you will be in Observer Mode. This means that you cannot interact with your environment, and you are utterly invisible to everyone. It is in this mode where you must select powers before joining the game.

        Whenever you connect (or when the server switches to a new level), several of your keys will be automatically reset for power-switching. Specifically, the keys above your arrow keys will be used for this. (I'm referring to the Insert, Home, Pgup, Delete, End, and Pgdn keys.)

        Insert - cycles forward through Active Powers
        Delete - cycles backward through Active Powers
        Home - cycles forward through Passive Powers
        End - cycles backward through Passive Powers
        Pgup - cycles forward through Special Powers
        Pgdn - cycles backward through Special Powers
        ] - cycles forward through Triple Powers
        [ - cycles backward through Triple Powers
        o - puts you into observer mode
        p - makes you into a player

        If you normally use these keys in Quake II (I use them for movement, for example), you might want to write a script file that will make some other keys your power-cycling keys, specifically, keys you don't normally use. Since I use the Ins, Del, etc. keys, I wrote a script that binds those functions to K, L, ;, M, comma, and period, as follows:

        bind k "use a_inc"
        bind l "use p_inc"
        bind ";" "use s_inc"

        bind m "use a_dec"
        bind , "use p_dec"
        bind . "use s_dec"

        bind ctrl "use active"

        bind h "use c_dec"
        bind j "use c_inc"

        Obviously whatever keys you want to bind them to is dependent on the configuration you use.

        Notice the line:

        bind ctrl "use active"

        In order to use your Active Power, you need to have a command like this bound to some key. "use active" causes your Active Power to execute. I use the control key for this, since it's close to my thumb, but you can use whatever you want.

        Once all your keys are properly bound, pick some powers. As you cycle through the powers, the various icons will appear in the bottom-right corner. To see what these icons mean, hit P to display the power names at the top of your screen. Then, press your fire button to spawn as a player. At this point, cause mayhem!

        On the right side of the screen will be three icons. The top one, with a red background, is your Active Power icon. Below it, with a green background, is your Passive Power icon. At bottom, with a blue background, is your Special Power icon. If you are using a Triple Power instead, all three icons will be the same, with a brown background.

        The numbers to the left of the icons represent recharge times; when you use an active power (or certain passives), they will need to recharge. Try to use them before they are done recharging, and nothing will happen.

        Then, go kill something!


        CTF is played almost identically to the standard Q2 CTF, with the following exceptions:

        1) There are no runes.
        2) There is no grappling hook (you can still use Bionic Claw if you want).
        3) The teams are Good and Evil, not Red and Blue (coincidentally enough, Good players wear red uniforms and Evil players wear blue uniforms -- how convenient!).

        Aside from that, it's normal CTF. I'll give a quick rundown for those of you not versed in the capturing arts.

        The goal of CTF is to capture your opponent's flag. How do you do that? Simple. Pick up their flag by walking over it, and then bring it back to your base and touch YOUR flag, and you get points. Yay.

        The hard part is, of course, getting the flag, since the other team will undoubtedly try and blow you to smithereens in the process.

        There's more to CTF, but those are the basics and are really everything you need to know to get started in Superheroes CTF. Enjoy.

        BY THE WAY: Certain powers are modified in their functionality for CTF; this is because certain powers (like Super Jump, Power Anchor, and Teleport Beacon, among others) would be unbalancing in their normal form. Here's how they change:

        - Super Jump: Works normally unless you have the enemy flag. Then, it acts just like normal jumping.
        - Power Anchor: Lasts only 3 seconds instead of 10, no matter what.
        - Teleport Beacon: You can't use it once you have the enemy flag, to drop a beacon or to teleport.


        Simple. Make sure "hunt" is set to 1 (at the console, not the command line), and monsters will randomly spawn throughout the level. Kill 'em dead.

        | Section 4, What the <expletive> are all these powers?! |

        *** LIST OF POWERS

        Here's a list of the powers.
        Check out the page for more detail.

        *** ACTIVE POWERS (23)

        (1) Ants in the Pants
        Causes your target to jump around firing uncontrollably for
        ten seconds.

        (2) Banshee Wail
        You emit a piercing scream that, at close range, does massive

        (3) Bionic Claw
        Fires a grappling hook. You can also do damage and pick up
        items with it.

        (4) Black Hole
        Everyone nearby flies toward you when you use it. Great in a
        combo with proximity powers like Boot to the Head.

        (5) Death Blow
        After charging, it causes your next hit to do 5 times normal
        damage. However, every shot until you hit uses 10 times normal

        (6) Flame Ball
        Fires a powerful, bouncing projectile out ahead of you.

        (7) Flame Cascade
        Fires a stream of flame along the ground in front of you.

        (8) Freeze Grenades
        Tosses a grenade that does no damage, but freezes everyone in
        its radius for 2 seconds.

        (9) Grenade Swarm
        Launches a swarm of random-detonating grenades out from you.
        Careful, you might take some damage from it too.

        (10) Impulse 9
        Gives you random weapon, health, and armor powerups every time
        you use it. Recharges in ten seconds.

        (11) Kinetic Cards
        Fires a spread of 5 energy blasts. They go through anything --
        even God mode.

        (12) Kinetic Throw
        Tosses your target into the air, injuring them in the process.

        (13) Lightsaber
        Slashes a beam of blue laser energy in front of you. Kind of
        like swinging a... lightsaber.

        (14) Optic Blast
        Fires a red laser beam directly ahead of you.

        (15) Power Anchor
        Forces someone to stay in a small area for 5 seconds.

        (16) Power Word, Blind
        Everyone in a radius around you goes blind for a short time.

        (17) Proximity Mines
        You launch a small grenade that does 100 radius damage when
        someone comes near it.

        (18) Psionic Blast
        Causes a psychic energy explosion wherever you're looking.

        (19) Reverse Gravity
        Causes an area of reversed gravity to appear for 10 seconds.

        (20) Teleportation
        Causes you to teleport to wherever you're looking.

        (21) Teleport Beacon
        The first time, causes an invisible beacon to be dropped
        wherever you are. The second time, you are teleported instantly
        to that spot, and the beacon is removed.

        (22) Weird Bombs
        Drops a bomb at your current location that does wierd things.

        (23) Random Active
        Randomly selects an active power for you each time you die.

        *** PASSIVE POWERS (19)

        (1) Boot to the Head
        Upon contact with someone, you perform the ancient
        art of Tai Kwan Leep on them, doing massive
        damage with just your boot.

        (2) Bullet Proof
        You take 1/10 damage from bullet weapons
        (shotguns & machine guns).

        (3) Elastic
        You take 2/3 normal damage, but five times the
        kinetic jolt from attacks (thus making it easy for
        people to propel you around with shots).

        (4) Energy Absorption
        You take 1/10 damage from energy weapons.

        (5) Flying
        You can fly through the air, instead of jumping, and
        you fall slowly.

        (6) Force Field
        When you are hit, you take the damage, but for the 3
        seconds after that you are invincible. Once the field
        wears off, it must recharge for an additional 2

        (7) Hasted Connect
        Using experimental data-compression algorithms,
        we've figured out a way to decrease your ping by
        sending less data per unit time. Doesn't always
        work right, though.

        (8) Hyper Density
        You are extremely massive, so you take no knockback and reduced
        damage from some attacks. You also fall faster.

        (9) Immune to Radius
        You take 1/10 radius damage.

        (10) Invisibility
        You appear only as random puffs of smoke, making
        it hard to see you. Once you fire, you become visible
        again for three seconds.

        (11) Life Well
        You have a maximum permanent health of 400, but
        health items only give you partial life.

        (12) Liquid Form
        You become invisible in water, as well as regenerating health.

        (13) Metallic Form
        You can pick up an unlimited amount of armor, of
        any type.

        (14) Prismatic Shield
        Randomly colored shields appear around you,
        protecting you in various ways.

        (15) Radioactive
        You glow green, emitting damaging short-range

        (16) Regeneration
        You constantly regenerate your health, up to a
        maximum of 250.

        (17) Repulsion Field
        You repel anyone who tries to get near you, as well
        as affecting the course of projectiles

        (18) Super Speed
        You can move incredibly fast.

        (19) Random Passive
        Randomly selects a passive each time you die.

        *** SPECIAL POWERS (19)

        (1) Aggravated Attacks
        The more damage you do in a single attack, the higher chance you will
        cause an aggravated wound, which causes the target to constantly lose
        health, until they drop below 10 (or can get their health above 90).

        (2) Angel of Death
        A small glowing spirit orbits you constantly. Whenever you fire, it fires too,
        in whichever direction you're facing — effectively doubling your firepower
        (at the cost of double ammo use, of course).

        (3) Angel of Life
        A different small glowing spirit orbits you, picking up any items you pass by.

        (4) Angel of Mercy
        Yet another spirit. This one intercepts as many incoming projectiles as it
        can, rendering them harmless.

        (5) Armor Piercing
        Your weapons go through armor entirely, but only do 2/3 normal damage.

        (6) Berserker Rage
        As soon as you go below 20 health without dying, you go into a fighting
        frenzy. Your health and armor increase to 200, you do double damage,
        and have an unlimited supply of rockets -- for 20 seconds. Then you die
        from the exertion. Whoever sent you into the rage gets a frag, and you lose
        a frag when you die.

        (7) Dark One's Luck
        When you pick up items, you will sometimes get additional ammo, life, health,
        etc. When you take damage, sometimes you take less than normal.

        (8) Electric Attacks
        You do 50% more damage than normal, but when in water you take shock
        damage, as do those around you.

        (9) Hasted Attacks
        You can attack about twice as fast as normal.

        (10) Fast Projectiles
        Your projectiles move at double normal speed.

        (11) Funkagroovitalizer
        Increases the radius of your explosive damage.

        (12) Happy Fun Balls
        A swarm of projectiles emerges from your body when you die, seeking the nearest
        enemies and destroying them.

        (13) Invisible Shots
        All your weapons' shots are invisible.

        (14) Reduced Ammo Use
        Your guns only use ammo about 1/3 of the time, effectively tripling your
        normal ammo capacity.

        (15) Sniper Shots
        Bullet shots are concentrated, doing more damage than normal.

        (16) Super Jump
        You can jump much, MUCH farther than usual. Be careful about jumping
        high; you will take falling damage like normal.

        (17) Super Strength
        The more health you have, the more damage you do.

        (18) Vampiric Attacks
        You constantly lose health, but when you do damage to someone, half the
        damage you do is added to your health.

        (19) Random Special
        You guessed it, selects a random special each time you die.

        *** TRIPLE POWERS (7)

        (1) Mere Mortal
        Like Superman in part of Superman II, you are just a normal human. No special powers whatsoever. You take FULL DAMAGE (not half damage like all superheroes) from everything. However, in recognition of your sacrifice, you get three points for each frag, instead of just one.

        (2) Archmage
        You are a magical wizard. You can rapid-fire bolts of energy, or teleport to near your opponents, confusing them! You also have a magical familiar that follows you, doing your bidding.

        Your primary weapon is a polychromatic energy cannon that sprays shots around.
        You have an orbiter that is like the Angel of Mercy (see Special Powers).
        Your Active Power makes you teleport to directly behind the nearest other player.
        On the downside, you cannot use armor, and your attacks always deplete armor before doing
        any life damage.

        (3) Assassin
        You are one of the world's elite killers, a shadow who can move through darkness like no other. Those around had better mind their backs.

        You are permanently silenced, and make no footfalls.
        You will sometimes to additional damage from rear attacks.
        You are invisible in dim light.
        You can teleport to a random spawn spot every 15 seconds, but this will sometimes cause you to lose your armor and take some damage.

        (4) Cripple with a Big Gun
        Because of your infirm state, you are confined to a wheelchair — a jet-powered wheelchair! You can mow down your opponents with your huge cannon, or wreak havoc on them with your Shield O'Death! The healthy beware!

        Your max health is 40.
        You have a chaingun with UNLIMITED AMMO, but can use no other weapons.
        Your max speed increases by 2/3.
        You can only strafe at VERY slow speeds (wheelchairs don't move sideways).
        Your Active Power sheathes you in an invincible energy field which does contact damage to
        other players. It lasts four seconds, and recharges six seconds after that. Ramming speed!

        (5) Jedi Knight
        Filled with the power of the Force, you are able to use your Jedi training to fight for justice. Your enemies will have a hard time seeing you, as you constantly have your lightsaber to swing about. Be careful, though; you can toss your foes into the air at a distance, but beware turning to the Dark Side. Also, your physical training gives you a fighting edge in battle.

        You have only one weapon, the lightsaber, but you can use it non-stop (just hold down the fire button).
        You are permanently invisible, unless you use your Active Power.
        Your Active Power is Kinetic Throw.
        You also Super Jump.
        You always start with 50 Body Armor.

        (6) Killer Robot
        When you become a Killer Robot, you become a single-minded implement of destruction, lumbering around levels, eating everything in sight. You are limited in your offensive capability, but this is matched by increased vitality and the ability to fly.

        Your max health increases to 250.
        Any item you pick up, except armor, adds 7 to your health. Armor functions normally.
        Your max movement rate is reduced by 40%, and you make loud clunking noises wherever
        you move.
        Instead of jumping, you can fly into the air.
        Your main weapon is a rapid-fire non-explosive projectile weapon, with UNLIMITED
        Your Active Power is a green laser beam, that fires for half a second and recharges half a
        second after that.
        If you have 200+ armor, you get the Killer Robot Upgrade: Health max goes to 300, your
        speed increases by 25%, your main weapon does more damage, and your laser beam gets

        (7) Punisher
        You are a vigilante, dedicated to street justice! Those who are wise will stay away from your deadly weapons.

        Your attacks are sped up, a la Hasted Attacks.
        You also have Reduced Ammo use.
        Your active power gives you +30 health, up to the normal max of 100, every
        five seconds.

        (8) Taft
        You are a two-fisted physical therapist, fighting crime in your spare time!

        You are Bullet Proof.
        You have Fast Projectiles.
        You have the radius-doubling damage of Funkagroovitalizer.
        Your active power is a reverse-Black Hole.
        You take double radius damage -- so watch those rockets!

        check out http://www.batmite.comfor the q3 version.


          Not a bad idea...any volunteers?


            still no takers? imagine invasion with superpowers


              Sheesh, after about three days of trying to sign up to this forum, I made it.

              I would love to be involved in anything that happens.

              However, I have never looked at any of the code for such a thing as this. And yes, I can imagine Invasion with superpowers. And the thought makes me smile.


                Woot. i think the q3 arena mod looks great. Through it would probaly be to hard to code for ut2004


                  Holy crapmuffins that's long.