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Seeking Project/Team Lead: Apprehension for UT2K7

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    Seeking Project/Team Lead: Apprehension for UT2K7

    The Apprehension team is currently seeking a motivated and capable team leader/project manager to help realize its potential and elevate it beyond its current form; someone whose experience and personality can guide this mod to its public release.

    Apprehension is a multiplayer First Person Shooter mod originally targeted for UT2004, though now being seriously shifted towards UT2007 with the imminent arrival of next-gen technology. The gameplay, while primarily first person, folds many elements and motivations of Real Time Strategy. By promoting teamwork and resources above headshots and killing sprees, Apprehension plans to evolve past the current Shooters mold.

    Team Lead Requirements and Duties

    Team Lead will be responsible to assist in completing project and and making milestones and shipping deadline. Scheduling of tasks for programmers, artists and designers is desired, as well as tracking of tasks. Helping with design and game play mechanics is a plus, as is maintaining team motivation and enthusiasm. In other words, an enabler of peoples potential. The ability to work with distant developers using IRC and chat is a definite plus, as most development is remote. Press and media contact will likely be necessary to this position. A mature attitude and the ability to multi-task. In addition, the Team Lead/Project Manager will likely be involved in growing the team membership. Interest and enthusiasm for the project is a big plus!

    Further Desires:
    • Knowledge of the Unreal Engine and development for it is helpful.
    • Ability to use scheduling software and basic office software.
    • Experience as producer, project manager, or production coordinator on a
      previous mod, game, or in another career.
    • Ability to multi-task, including input into design, scripting or writing.

    Our Design Document is available for public viewing online for further information on the game type.

    For an Introduction to the team of developers, please visit this page:

    This volunteer position is perfect for a previous main or secondary Mod Lead between projects seeking something new to engage in without having to start from scratch. It also is of benefit for people in managerial/leadership positions in different fields, who would like to gain valuable experience in a game development environment.

    To apply, please send your interest, experience, and any concerns/questions to:

    This thread from beyondunreal has many great followup question/comments that help show we are a realistic mature mod team.

    Attached are a few images and concepts:

    Dropship Concept.

    (Original concept by Matt "Matt" Waggle)

    Character Concept. (STO Team)

    (Original concept by Matt "Matt" Waggle)

    Scoutbot Droid transformed into beacon mode High Res Model.

    (Original concept by Harry "Harragor" Wormald, model and texturing by W. Scott "scotsi " Simons)

    Low/Game Version of Heavy Roamer.

    (Concept and model by Drew "oXYnary" Robinson)

    Screenshot of prototype/testing using Unreal 2004 Engine.

    Heyo, brining the thread back from the dead. We have had a few bites, but unfortunately mostly from people who wanted us to switch to different engines.

    Anyhow a update with something often overlooked. Music.

    Shortage - for Apprehension created by Rucklo.


      Aha, well switching engines can easily become the death of a mod, with Unreal Engine you at least got a lot of documented stuff about coding, as well as easy to use Map Editor, switching engines ussually means you need new mappers/coders.

      People wanting modteams to switch engines, ussually don't have the faintest notion of what it all means.