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I'd like to announce the 1st {SAP} Map Challenge.

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    I'd like to announce the 1st {SAP} Map Challenge.

    I'd like to announce the 1st {SAP} Map Challenge.
    {SAP} or

    Maps to be submitted no later than April 1, 2006
    $25 Amazon GC/Web+Server Feature to winner of {SAP} Clan Judges
    $10 Amazon GC/Web+Server Feature to winner of Popular Vote (the masses - all registered forum users can vote)
    *It is possible the same map might win both for a total of $35
    But it's more for fun than $ obviously.
    All Finalist Maps to be Featured on our website.

    - Functionality, how playable is the map- no bot clusters, sent pits
    - Aesthetics, smart use of visuals- no super high frames, broken maps
    - Originality, uniqueness
    We are looking for a nice playable map to become a classic.

    1) Map must be for VCTF
    2) Map should be for a 6v6 game (Please no Huge Maps- don't go nuts)
    -- good examples: BinarySpaceII, Antropolis, Aggressive Alleys, etc.
    3) Map must contain our logo or website ( or both. Could be on a wall, etc, etc.
    4) Map must be an original creation- no mods/upgrades to old maps

    // This is a challenge, not a contest. If there are no finalist maps all challenge benefits to carry over to next challenge.

    I might give this a try... but I'd prefer a DM- contest. I mean challenge, sorry. which presumably there will be in the future?

    Also, April 1 is a fairly close deadline... I would go for sept 1 to give people the summer.


      Sorry to double post but,

      73 reads and no replies? Am I the only entrant? This sounds like easy money to me...

      /rubs hands with glee


        {SAP} VCTF Map Challenge

        We plan on doing another right after this. We wanted one right out of the gates and figured someone's got something in the works.

        So, if you're out there working on something there will be another but we'd like to see at least a few entries.

        If you have any questions visit us and let us know.



          O.K. what is the criteria on bot pathing? My map has functional bot pathing, but they're pretty poor. I guess that this being a clan map it's not that important, but I'd still like to know.


            You should post this over at the Vehicle Capture the Flag League website. :up:


              I might give it a shot.


                1st {SAP} Map Challenge: Bots

                It is a clan map but of course the bots should not cluster and it would be helpful if they did what they were supposed to do.

                This will be a component of the functionality/playability criteria.

                Your map looks interesting from what we can see, looking forward to being in it.



                  Hmmm... the bots work, and they don't "stick" (cluster?) in one place, but they don't use vehicles much. I think this is more of a result of it's layout than my pathing (bots generaly don't use the vehicles unless you can drive straight up to the flag in my experience), but I will keep trying in that case. Do you want to beta test at all? I have a version ready, all I need is somewhere to upload it to since filesave's servers are full ATM.


                    Yes...we would love to do some testing on the new map.

                    You can send it to if your email client can handle sending it. Or you can use to send it to us as well. We are working on setting up a password protected FTP on our site, but don't have it worked out yet.

                    Let me or Ascii know how you want to send it and we will test it out tonight!



                      O.K. I'll try that now.

                      Right, I sent it to your Gmail address using the yousendit whadjamacallit. If you get two files, use the second one since the first has a bsp error that I had to fix. Enjoy.

                      ALSO: you need hourences's HourIndusX texture package to play the map, it can be downloaded from his website


                        I just got the one .zip file from yousendit. It had a .usx file and the map. I just downloaded the texture file that you said was needed. Trying to fire it up on instant action right now, but it is just sitting at the splash screen so far. Did I get the wrong map file?

                        The file that I received is: renamed_VCTF-SAP-Vertigo.rar (6667 KB)



                          Sounds like the right one to me. I've put up a link to the download for all now.:up:


                            where do we get the SAP logo from?


                              visit the {SAP} site... but I made mine in paint .