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non fps mod for UT2007

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  • non fps mod for UT2007

    Anyone interested in making a non fps mod for UT2007?
    I plan to do a basic outline of the mod in UT2k4 and once 2007 comes out move it over to that.

    The mod is a Puyo Puyo clone. This site http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.c...o/puyopuyo.htm will give you a good idea what it is, but here is a short description.
    Puyo Puyo has a setup similiar to tetris, but with 2 screens. It is mainly a multiplayer game for 2 players. Puyos drop down connected in groups of 2. When you connect 4 together they dissapear and send junk puyos to the other player's screen. Junk puyos can not be connected. When your screen fills to the top you lose. More junk puyos are sent over when you make combos. Combos are when you setup a bunch of puyos so that when you form one group of four they fall and and form more groups of four.
    The exact math of everything is available.

    The newest Puyo Puyo game is called Puyo Puyo Fever and Puyo Pop Fever. It is on handheld consoles worldwide but it is not on home consoles or PC in the United States. Puyo Puyo is hugely poppular in Japan, but not many people know of it in the United States. By most who have played it it is regarded as the best puzzle game. Puyo games in the US were Dr. Robotnic's Mean Bean Machine on the sega genesis and Kirby's Avalanch on Nintendo 64.

    What our mod will have:
    Our mod will have 3D graphics but still have the classic 2D view. The camera may swing around and shake during special times.
    Multiplayer: up to 4 players on one PC, up to 32 players over LAN and internet, new team game modes, bot AI can be used or human players
    Single player: Play against computer AI to progress through the story. Would not involve characters from Puyo Puyo.
    3D puyo (maybe): A 3D puyo game mode adding a new dimension to gameplay.

    Level Design/Modelling : I have experience in level design and modelling and can take care of that. But we could use another person or two for level design and modelling.
    Programming: We could use a lead programmer, preferably with experience in unreal script. I can do some programming and have a lot of experience with java but haven't done much unreal script.
    Animation: We could use a few animators with any experience.

    The mod will mainly be just for fun. If you are interested in making games it is a good way to start out. We could also enter the MSU contest if they have that again.

    If anyone is interested the best way to contact me is via an instant messenger. If you don't have that you could email me