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Lazarus air vehicle

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  • Lazarus air vehicle

    I've just come up with an idea for a new aircraft, the Lazarus.

    The Lazarus would be a light attack craft with a pilot and gunner. The really cool bit is that the Lazarus has several 'incarnations', with each differing in armour, weapons and speed.

    Lazarus F: This version gives the pilot an anti-air missile launcher, located underneath the cockpit. These would home in on any airborne targets. The gunner would get a roof mounted chaingun turret for taking out any threats above the Lazarus. The Lazarus F boasts superior maneuverability compared to the other Lazarus versions, but has less armour

    Lazarus G: This version gives the pilot two rocket pods on the sides of the cockpit, which are designed to hit ground targets. The gunner gets a belly mounted chaingun turret for taking out fast moving targets and infantry.
    The Lazarus G has better armour than other versions, but this comes at a cost to it's overall speed.

    Lazarus S: This version gives the pilot dual flare dispensers, located at the sides of the cockpit. These flares act like the flares on a Cicada, in that they act as AVRiL decoys. The gunner gets a service turret, located under the Lazarus. This turret can be used to heal other vehicles and also has a guidance beacon launcher attachment. Firing a beacon gives off a signal which can be picked up by teammates, who can see the location of the beacon on their HUDs. This Lazarus has both armour and speed values between the Lazarus F and Lazarus G.