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Need help implementing an idea for a new gametype

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    Need help implementing an idea for a new gametype

    Ok, here's my idea: The game is team based, with two teams. Each team has a base where they are spawned from, as are their vehicles. Each base has a "core", which is the ultimate target.
    There are 3-6 (5 being optimum) Control points on the map that a team needs to take control of. They are taken control of like domination CPs are taken control of. If a team has no CPs under their control, their weapons do 1:1 damage to the enemy's core. If they have control of all the CPs, their weapons do
    100,000x damage to the enemy's core and such (1 CP means you do 10x damage, 2 means 100x, 4 = 10000x, on a 5 CP map). The Cores wll have something like 450,000,000 health. The exacts of this can be fine tuned later.
    If you hold a CP for say 2 minutes, a shield or fence (or, think stonehenge) rises out of the ground around it, protecting it and it's defenders from vehicles. The sheild/fence/stonehenge lowers a bit when it takes damage, but rises back up automatically, even faster if a defender is "charging" it with a link.
    Maps should/could be arranged so the if, say, one team controls CP's 1 and 3 for two minutes, a turret pops up/becomes available to them, or possible a vehicle spawns for them. This turret would explode if they were to lose control of one of those CPs. These would be moderately tough turrets with very heavy armor. Also, it 1 & 3 bring up a turret, 3 & 5 should bring up an opposite turret (to make the map symetrical).
    Map terrain would be crucial in allowing avenues of approach to be exploited against a team that has all it's members camping the capped CPs.
    There should be a few different cores available for map makers, short ones that have to be approached closely before they can be successfully attacked, taller ones that can be attacked from a formidable distance, ect.
    I also would like for adrenaline combos to be enabledin this game, with the option to turn them off.

    I have no experience in coding gametypes, although I have started to model some of the items (CPs, Cores, Sheilds, the stonehenge thing), and have a few of my own vehicles to contribute as a start, but what I need is a few team members that can do the heavy, gametype coding. I have coded my own vehicles, their weapons, other weapons, and combos, but I would like to concentrate on the models for this project. I have also done a bit of texturing, and some sound fx creation. If anyone in interested, please contact me at the email address below. Thanks. ..


    ka-bump. . . ..