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    Coalescence – An Unreal Tournament 2004 mod

    Coalescence combines new game play elements from Halo, Halo 2, Tribes, Call of Duty and many other First Person Shooters into the ONS game type for Unreal Tournament 2004. New features, weapons, vehicles and effects seek to balance and organize game play by condensing weapon and vehicle functionality into fewer but more functional items. The goal of this mod is to introduce less specialized/Gimmicky weapons and vehicles and in doing so add more nuances to game play.
    For example, the Rocket launcher and A.V.R.I.L are now one weapon that fires laser guided rockets at players (similar to the rocket launcher in Half Life) with an alternate fire that locks on to vehicles (similar to the SPNKR in Halo 2).
    Additionally, features like boost removes the players ability to maneuver and fire, but allows players to deploy faster to battle zones or escape from them.
    Vehicles are also less specialized. The tank and SPMA functionality are combined into one vehicle, The Colossus tank, primarily fires the same rounds as the goliath, with an alternate fire that shoots rounds like the SPMA. A second player controls a plasma gun that is moderately effective against air attacks. New features like an improved HUD, random vehicle spawn and “attrition mode” improves game play and adds replay value.
    Lastly new and more dramatic effects solidify the feel of weapons. The Unreal Engine’s particle system is pushed to its limits with improved weapon effects. Projectile contrails stay visible longer, explosions are more powerful and concussive, smoke, dust and flame are used to greater extent to improve the look and feel of Onslaught.
    Many of these Ideas are not original or unique, but could add a new twist to Onslaught. I have a 9 page document describing some ideas in more depth. Right now, I am simply looking for input and constructive criticism to help me point this mod in the right direction.
    For starters here is the new and improved Tank, that combines the functions of the Goliath and S.P.M.A into one vehicle (with a few changes).

    Obviously, this in the pre-alpha stages. Here is a quick description of the idea behind it.

    Ares Tank – The Ares tank is appropriately named after the Greek god of war because of its deadly capabilities on the battle field. The Ares combines the Goliath and SPMA into one devastating weapon of mass destruction. With the regular fire, explosive rounds are projected at high velocity with a micro nuclear explosion instead of traditional chemical propellants. The force of the detonation is so massive that it kicks up dust and crushes enemies in the immediate vicinity. The flash produced leaves blue plasma gas in the air for a few seconds. The alternate fire deploys the tank in to “siege mode”. The barrel points skyward, the camera view extends and a targeting laser appears to display the shots trajectory. The firing system is the same as the SPMA in Siege mode. When fired the projectile leaves behind a spiraling smoky blue contrail that lingers for a several seconds as it expands and fades away. Before it can fire another round, the excess plasma must be vented and the system must cool down and reload. In the process plasma is vented from behind the turret. The second player controls a smaller gun that fires dual link gun bolts as an anti-air/anti-personnel measure.
    o Crew: 2
    o Speed: slow
    o Armor: heavy
    o Weapon Damage: 8x explosive, 2x plasma
    o Range: Close to long

    If you like what you have read and think you have anything to contribute, even if it just an Idea or critique, please e-mail me: or contact me on aim: Johnnee X