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Joanna Dark model?

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  • Joanna Dark model?

    Yes, I'll probably get flamed for this. Oh well.

    Anyone else think a Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark/Perfect Dark Zero) model would be awesome in UT2004? I know I do.

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    I had thought that was already addressed at some point along with a "Ghost" Starcraft model request as well. Am I wrong? I won't flame you but I would look at that either here or at poly.... just to check ...:bulb: I think.....


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      Also after testing these maps here is my opinion in regards to this......

      Well, I have to say The Perfect Dark Maps for UT2004 have a lot of be desired ATM. The Building structure is sound and looks like it would be fun to play, but when I loaded it and played I was horrified at the textures used. This map set could use a overhaul indeed. There are scetions where stairs would be more appropriate and doors with access panels would be deemed more practical. The textures were also a matter of discussion. The ramps could use a graphite/kevlar type of texture. The Doors need a little variety as well. The Metro Art Deco in some of the rooms were suprising and IMO just not needed.

      What could have benfitted these maps were better textures for one, it was like looking at a bad duke nukem lvl remake using said textures it was like bad celshading. Plus a few prop meshs woudl have been nice as well as a few vehicles and furniture where they could be placed. Some better selection of music would be nice as well. The spacing for the sniper rifle what the heck was that all about if you're gonna place a sniper rifle in a map? Be sure to have roof access and a few vantage points to make the sniping fun for the shooter and advetagious for the targets .

      Overall the whole building structures need to be revamped with some better textures, also some better bot pathing and weapon placements as well. The music issue? Well D/L convert your fave tune to a ogg. save to your ut2004 music folder and during in game hit F11 and select your tune and then jamm away killing everyone in view. The Car Garage was one of the only maps that didn't have that many issues IMO, save for lack of Vehicle meshs, (A few would be nice to enhance the overall feeling that you're in a actual garage.) Some Ambeint sounds from a Parking Garage of this type would also be nice. As I said the structures are quite nice in design.....Its the choices of texture and how it was planned out that ruined it for me and a few people. But do not take my word for it please test them out yourselves, <---- Test Please and let us know what your views are on this......