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[request] ChainDeath Mutator - Instagib Minigun

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    [request] ChainDeath Mutator - Instagib Minigun

    This is just an idea, so feel free to comment about it :noob:

    Primary Mode of Integration: Mutator (replacing default spawnweapons + disabling all pickups, optional use of default InstaGib Rifle Mutator[?])
    Used Weapon: Chaingun
    --Primary: ChainDeath
    --Secondary: UltimateDeath Atomic MiniDecharge

    Rapid fire, similar to default InstaGib Rifle Fire
    Also, it takes no Ammo, but it has a selfrecharging Energycore reflected by the ShieldGun's Power-Meter; or its a Heatmeter that charges up.
    However, between-shot-cooldown would be 50% of the normal InstaGib Rifle,
    Energycore/Heatmeter allows a full Burst of 10 Seconds before a full recharge has to be made.
    Normal recharge should be 25% per Second, a full recharge slows it down to 20% /Second.
    Plus: At full Recharge Mode, the ChainDeath MegaMiniGun (TM) does refuse to fire. This is a major drawback so people should fire wisely, w/o full recharge they would just spam the primary fire.

    UltimateDeath Atomic MiniDecharge:
    Simply said, its a Decharge of the MegaMiniGun into the wild, firing 8 Shots at the same Time, enabling the Weapon's User to destroy a Hellbender at the expense of the full Energycore/Heatmeter (a.k.a. full recharge).
    non-hitscan to prevent Vehiclesniping from far, impact causes an ASMD ShockCombo Explosion

    *** ExtraCrispy: ***
    Including Shieldgun, allowing to deflect the Shockbeam (not the MiniDecharge, cause its a Projectile Explosion).

    Edit by Author:
    I know that there is already a Mutator like this, but it is like this, not exactly.
    The secondary firemode is somewhat important for me
    ~I can't make it, officialy I am not even able to run UT2k4, but I am playing it-with insane loading times, though ~

    something like this has been made already. Check it out here


      it misses balancing, its basicly a minigun with the IG beam, nothing more, which is realy overpowered.


        Talk about your overpowered UT weaponry, this would be the more powerful than a Redeemer. A 'Deemer moves so slow you can out maneuver it or shoot it down, but this thing? Way too much killing power.

        I can see the tagline on the advertisement now...

        Introducing the New IG Chaingun, from Ronco. It kills loads of arseholes...dead!


          That's why there should be an Energy or Heatmeter - autofirenoob = dead.
          So this Mut from UTW doesn't fit here.


            over powered