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Vehicle idea: Storm Eagle

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    Vehicle idea: Storm Eagle

    This would be a flying vehicle like the Raptor. Primary fire would be the Lightning gun with no scope but a slightly higher rate of fire. My idea for the alt fire is what makes this special.

    Alt would sort of be a cross between the LG Primary and the Cicada's alt fire. Holding the secondary fire would charge the weapon and when released a cone of lightning bolts would be fired at whatever is in the crosshair of the aircraft. These bolts would be weaker than the standerd LG fire but the more the weapon is charged the greater the number of bolts released. The bolts would spread appart as they move away so the accuracy and impact area would be effected by the distance from the target.

    Slight problem: charge, pull up real close to a node, kill node in one shot.

    I'm not really a hitscan fan myself, but other than that... why not?