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Xmas super weaon mutator

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    Xmas super weaon mutator

    Just thought of a fun holiday replacement for the standerd Target Painter. Instead of calling in the normal bomber it summons Santa in his sleigh. Santa will drop packages for the length of the bombers pass that are randomly chosen from a list of weapons, powerups, and the normal bombs.

    Just think of the chaos that could be caused by useing this. :nuts:

    What about something similar to the 'mutant' gametype where the mutant is santa, santa would not be a target of other players, just perhaps a helper, the winner of the round becomes the next santa. Santa could have all sorts of helper weapons and perhaps some that just kill (removing a frag from that player, which is like helping pick the next santa or helping the struggling players).

    Weapon ideas:
    Present transform gun... turn people into presents, sitting targets for others to kill, perhaps not totally undefended... maybe they could hop and explode, maybe on a timer.

    Present launcher... throw out weapons and ammo etc. as the bomber idea.

    Reindeer gun... launches a reindeer who can run around and kill players.

    Elf gun... urmm... maybe like spider mines??

    Fat man bomb... santa explodes in redeemer style.

    The bomber q03 mentioned could be in place of the target painter maybe (if it were to be an onslaught-ish game type).

    But as to the original post... GREAT IDEA I like it. Pity its so close to christmas already so it wouldnt be ready in time but still a great idea, quite original.