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ONS-Related Ideas - Possible to Implement?

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    ONS-Related Ideas - Possible to Implement?

    I've got a few ideas I've been thinking about incorporating into some maps, and I'm curious as to how feasible some of these ideas are (and/or if they've already been created for use). If it's possible to accomplish these effects, please indicate how you think you would do it (via triggering or uscript)

    #1 - Vehicle Pickups / In-Vehicle Pickups.

    I think it would add a bit of interest to Onslaught if there were a few occasional pickups available for vehicles. You'd drive over them and gain back 25-50 vehicle health. This could also possibly include vehicle "armor"

    Also and in particular, it is frustrating to me when I am driving in the Scorpion and I have low personal health and I drive over health vials but do not pick them up. At least for open-topped vehicles, I would be interested in having players be able to get pickups by driving over them.

    #2 - Vehicle Chargers

    This is similar to the idea for vehicle health pickups, but instead of having them be "health pickups" think of the Healpod, or the repair zones in F-Zero. I think adding in something like this could add some interesting new strategy to ONS games.

    If possible, I envision these as "capturable" objectives (ala nodes), but which do not exist in the node structure. In other words, if your team controls this feature, it will be capable of recharging your team's vehicles if they drive through/over it, but it will not recharge the enemy team's vehicles. The downside is that your enemy can attack it and gain control over it themselves, so you must choose to either attack the enemy team's nodes, defend your own nodes, or attack/defend this feature (which doesn't exist within the node structure).

    #3 - Protected Node Anti-Spawnkilling Measures

    In particular what I'm looking for here is a way to trigger Spidermines to blow up if they come within a certain radius of a protected node. Another thing I might be interested in is having Mantas that come within a certain radius of a protected node be bounced away.


    Let me know your thoughts on feasibility and opinions in general. Also, feel free to suggest your own ideas.

    #1: Indeed.

    #2: Cool, but why do these locations have to be "captured" in any other way than killing the people that guard it?

    #3: Spawn protection goes a long way. There's only two problems with it: 1) it deactivates when you pick up a weapon, and 2) server admins keep it to a really low value.

    Manta spawncamping isn't the worst. You can always charge your shield and brace for impact. Hellbender skymining isn't too bad either. Just lob some assault rifle grenades and it'll go away. It's the Goliath spawncamping that's nasty. The thing is too far away for the grenades, you do absolutely pitiful damage with the primary fire and as soon as you touch a weapon locker you get blown to tiny pieces.


      yea but you cant deny that you have spawn camped with a tank
      but the real thing is the levi >.o
      and when every 1 spawns at that 1 node 2
      thats just ly
      and will last like 10 minz unless the enemy can get out of that node

      i think a good idea for ONS would be fun

      a map with sevral stages like
      first the teams fight in a air battle over the ground on ships(maybe a cut sceen 2 the next map)so they go 2 a ground battle and fight there with land vehicles as the main way 2 win(cut sceen when 1 side wins)
      then you go 2 a underground cavern/base thing with inf controlled area
      that way its interesting and fun.......


        I consider the Goliath to be the far lamer spawn camper because there are far more around, and their splash damage is much better than the Levi missiles, and the Levi beam can be "dodged" to a better extent because you know exactly where it's appearing, in addition to its ROF being lower than that of the Goliath cannon.


          Levi spawncamping? There are three scenarios:
          1. Open node: Node is vaporized, nobody spawns there anymore.
          2. Locked node: Only stupid people keep respawning where a Levi is spawncamping. Instead, grab a Raptor from the base and frag it.
          3. Base: Levi toasts core, game over.


            Originally posted by Xyx
            #2: Cool, but why do these locations have to be "captured" in any other way than killing the people that guard it?
            Well, I think on most levels having an area where your vehicle can be recharged is something that primarily benefits mobile vehicles (Particularly the Manta, and to a lesser extent the Scorpion and Hellbender). It'd be way too easy for a Manta to fly around a recharger, harass people trying to defend it, and every once in awhile swoop in over the recharger and gain back health. It seems like it would be very annoying to have to deal with a Manta if they could use the recharger without "capturing" it, making it need to be "captured" first would at least mean that the enemy team couldn't utilize it while attacking it.