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XS: **** our rides contest!

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    XS: **** our rides contest!

    Our vehicles need to be textured, so we're throwing a contest for the coolest designs.

    Contestants, please pick a vehicle below and paint over a picture with a cool design. A (poor) example is included below. The prize is seeing your design in our mod! For more information on the mod, see the XS website.

    The vehicles we need pimped are:

    The bouncy Shock Chucker

    The sleek Cruiser

    The evil Spider Mech

    Here's my sample entry. It's not cool or detailed, which goes to show that we need you!

    I'm sure someone can do better than that. We're looking for class, sleek designs with lots of chrome, gleaming paint, a few stylish decorations and lots of attention to detail. Think "A-Team van", "illegal street racer" and "private heli".

    Bonus points awarded for tasteful, appropriate use of the following characteristics:
    • Chrome.
    • Shark teeth.
    • Flames.
    • Light.
    • Resemblance to the Epic skins in detail, not color.
    • Color gradients.

    Awesome! I'll be certian to try this soon enough.


      Loving the spider.




          You know Im in Xyx.

          So, do I post the concept here? Expect one by the weekend the latest


            I'll do one as promised.


              Excellent, that brings the count up to three!

              Here's a few more shots of the spider: top, side, front and bird's eye.


                Yeah, I requested those from Shin...


                  My Entry

                  Hello you might know me from the emails @_@ I decided to give this contest a try and here's a preview of my unfinished entry (a few hours of vectoring in Photoshop)




                    Hey, that's looking good!

                    And very precise too! Please don't spend too much time on that. What matters is that the paint job has theme and style and brings out the characteristics of the vehicle.

                    In case you weren't already planning to: Don't paint the left half, just mirror it.

                    We're very grateful for every minute you choose to spend on this, and we wouldn't want to intrude on your time longer than is absolutely needed.



                      hah thanks =) this is ordinary for me, so dont worry i'll probably done in about three hours if i dont stop working =D the thing i am missing right now is some decals, stripes, gradients and stuff (the sharkteeth i shall save for the airplanes.. sharkteeth on a spider isnt very cool XD)

                      got any decals you want me to put on it? =) (for example, the XS Vehicles Logo or something?)


                        Heres the progress I've made:


                          Shaping up!

                          No logo as of yet, but we're open to suggestions. We're leaning towards hexagonal patterns lately, so anything incorporating that would be cool.


                            Awesome =) this just means that... DOOMFEST HAS ANOTHER PENDING PROJECT AFTER THIS! XD



                              Alright here it is finished XD I wanted this to be more than just a quick idea sketch lol.. thats why i made it like this :P