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Large vCTF Map ca. 90% Designed/Mapped...

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    Large vCTF Map ca. 90% Designed/Mapped...

    .. but I've reached a point where I either need a break or some input on how to finish off the "flag base." I haven't duped the red base to make the "blue" base yet, but I'm at the point where I feel something isn't quite right with things or something else is needed. I can't quite decide.. Essentially I am looking for higher input on how to make the map "fun."

    More on the map.. I have the map arranged for 2 bases - both 3 turret bunkers (those round bunkers on Normady) mounting 1 mini turret each. All bunkers are connected via non-linear underground passages. The center turret holds the flag and behind the turret sets the ion cannon (couldn't quite bring myself to re-code the artilery(sp) weapon to mount there so...) for anti-vehicle support. The turrets reside on a gentle slope that slopes towards the battlefield. In front of each row of turrets are two trenches and two "garages". The garages can be accessed via the underground trenches or the trench nearest the battlefield. In front of each base is a series of two large dunes for troop cover (so the mini turret gunners can't just mow every thing down). In between the bases is a small village designed to be ruled by vehicles on the streets, but troopers in the alleys and courtyards.

    If I had my drathers, I would make the map a vCTF joust style map but the AI never seems to catch on - they all run towards the enemy flag carrier and ignore the base defenses. I am pretty sure that the defenses make it hard enough to score without having to go back AND forth. As it stands, there are 4 ways (plus trench jumping which allows one to go OVER the base to the flag) into the base itself and once in the base, 3 ways into the center turret. For weapons, I am thinking arvils, link guns, flak cannon, and classic sniper rifles. I might end up tossing in shock rifles to quell the onslaught of dune buggies.

    Vehicle wise, I have one tank, artillery thingie, and a dune buggy. I might add another dune buggy and maybe a launch pad for either the mantis or the assault craft. I might end up adding about 2-3 more tanks per side as the town does pose a good bottleneck for the arvil junkies to have a field day.

    After I get the base sorted out, it will be time to add detail out the nose. Anyone interested in helping me, just send me a PM.

    In the mean time, I have a cannon to send off to someone..