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    Originally posted by Bjossi
    I see, but isnĀ“t Invasion a rather popular gametype? Was it ever modded for UT1999 after the release of UT2003/4?
    There were similar mods for UT'99, but they were made before UT'03. I don't think there were any with waves like in Invasion, though. I could be wrong...


      Unreal2 had a dynamic reticle effect for every weapon, and I have always wanted to replicate that for this game. I tried to replicate the effect but the code seems hardcoded into Unreal2's DLL system files. If anyone has Unreal2, look at its source and you will notice the "reticle" starts showing up in the Object.uc. Maybe someone here can figure this out for UT's weapons to do the same.
      I did do something similar in the halout assault rifle reticle, but it was just modified code from the rocketlauncher to change skins when a pawn is viewed.