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Quarantine Unreal Tournament 2007 mod

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    Quarantine Unreal Tournament 2007 mod

    :Quarantine an Unreal Tournament 2007 modification!:
    ::THE GAME::
    -Choose out of 8 military soldiers
    -Play on 3 creative maps
    -Pick what weapons and items you have for the mission
    -Die and turn into a zombie and eat your former freinds

    We will first release our multiplayer version then if it all goes smoothly we will release a single player version later. This will be a first person shooter with many custom sounds and songs.

    The year 2008, a patient came in the Hospital with a rash covering his body. The doctors said it was an unknown virus. Moments later the patient killed the doctors by eating them. The doctors later became a creature like him within 30 minutes, then attacked everyone in the hospital. This reaction spreaded through the city and forest within 2 days. Almost everyone was dead. You are a soldier in the American military and you are ordered you go with 7 others to Pine Wood City, the suburbs on the outskirt of the city, then reach the forest and kill all moving things.

    Flash Light
    First Aid Spray
    (Depending on weapon)Ammo
    Adrenaline Drug

    Beretta *w/7 clips
    Assult Rifle *w/5 magazines
    Rocket launcher *w/10 rockets
    Sniper Rifle *w/30 bullets

    You'll also find ammo around the perimeter.

    Player modelers
    -We need talented player modelers who will take the time to push their limits to a max and make awsome models for our fans to look at. Maya and 3d studio max are the perferred programs but if you are confortable with another that is fine.

    -Animators you will need to be willing to take the time to make animations for weapons and players, as well as other items in the game such as HUD.

    -You need to know what you're doing have have some experience with (an)other program(s). Since this is going to be on Unreal Tournament 2007 you won't have to do much of anything untill the game is released.

    Right now these are the 3 things we need most, if you're speciality is in another area that's ok to just email me or leave a message and I'll respond. Just make sure you have some examples of your work.

    -Why Unreal Tournament 2007?
    We feel we should get a head start and release a mod not long after ut2007 is released so you people will have something to look at, besides the game of course.
    -Why not Unreal Tournament 2004?
    There are already many mods for ut2004 to keep you busy, zombies mods specifically. As I said we want to get a head start and get something out for ut2007. Also the graphics can be much better in ut2007.
    -What can you do untill the game is released?
    There are many things we can design and edit untill the UT2007 is out. Player models, animations, skins, music, sounds, voices, Weapons, textures and static meshes.
    -Will there be a single player version?
    At the moment there is no Single player version planned, but in the future it is a possibility.
    -What modes will there be?
    One mode for now, Co-op.
    -How exactly will this mode work?
    Well you will choose one of the 8 characters givin, if you come in after the 8 characters are taken you get to be a zombie, and when a character dies, the next round you will take his/her place. In co-op you will get simple missions like, "Clear area givin on the map" and you will see the red marked on your map and you will kill all the zombies there are in the red area.
    -What attacks will the zombies have?
    Well the zombies will have many different speeds, some fast and some slow. The slower they are the more powerful, they will be able to tackle you and bite you on the ground untill you hit them off, the fast ones will also be able to tackle you but they are easier to hit off. The zombies will have basic hand attacks, remember they are trying to eat you so they will do what they can to get you dead.
    -Will the zombies come in waves like Invasion?
    No we will be editing the Team Death Match mode most likely, just putting humans on one side and zombies as bots on the other, don't worry there will be plenty of zombies to keep you busy unlike Resident Evil. Non-stop action always killing zombies, hope it sounds good to you guys :P.

    Sounds nice. Maybe some more different weapons?


      Originally posted by musilowski
      Sounds nice. Maybe some more different weapons?
      In the next release many more, it will go with the story so don't worry.


        Assuming you post this in the hopes that somebody just might get up and say "hey, this is cool, I'll make it"...

        Sorry if this comes off as rather negative... but no way that's ever going to happen. You see... that's an awful lot of work to just pass off to somebody else. It's practically a game on its own. That'd take an ordinary modder like me years to put together. You'd need an entire mod team for that. Chances of seeing that happen are less than zero.

        Modders will work
        • Most of the time: on their own stuff.
        • Sometimes: On a mod created by another modder.
        • Very rarely: On a non-modder's idea.
        You'd have to make the very rare thing come true at least four or so times to get this thing rolling. I'm not saying it's theoretically impossible... but if I ever feel that lucky I'd leave a trail of fire on my way to the casino.

        However, that's not to say your idea isn't cool, and especially not that making suggestions or posting ideas in general is useless. Plenty of modders browse this forum for inspiration, including me.

        Your chances of getting something done primarily depend on:
        • The availability of modders (which is beyond your influence).
        • The originality of your idea.
        • The size of your idea. The smaller, the better your chances are.


          which reminds me, sorry for the misunderstanding, I already have enough members to make this mod it's not an idea it's a mod in the making, I put it in Ideas beacuse I didn't know where else to put it. We're just looking for new members to get it done faster. We will make this mod.


            @supermonkey1990: Xyx posted good points. I just wanted to add one other. Make sure you show some examples of the work you have already done for the Mod (I noticed your sig said you were a mapper as well). Nobody wants to work for someone who has no other skills then web design or ideas. It would not hurt you at all to start learning how to use a 3D modelling package now so that you can start work on your weapon models, map decorations etc. The more you know how to do, the more likely you are to get some help.

            [EDIT] Since you already have a team of sorts, you should also list how many of each person you have helping out so that others can get an idea of what you need the most help in.


              Ancient-Sound tech/music/voice actor
              Biryn Coyote-weapon modeler/3d modeler
              Squall-Weapon modeler/3d modeler
              Aaron-Texture artist
              FM-Concept artist
              Lexybot-Player modeler/animator
              Bite me-Server manager

              I don't have any visuals at the moment but as soon as we get a few the website will be up as well as pictures. A lot of weapons are being made right now and items so those will be first. You guys can't rush this though remember we're trying to make the graphics very detailed so we must take our time.