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    Dude I freakin hate Halo, but the Needler was definate ownage in terms of coolness.I saw a small Halo pack out there that had some skins Vehicles, and weapons, I think that Anuban.UT2 made.Where the hell is the NEEDLER.

    Oh, and the Halo pack was cool, except for all the broken skins, and derelct is glitched.But the qx9 skins own, as well as Klasnics.The weaponare pretty good.

    Why do everyone hate Halo that much? NO, I dont even want an answer.

    I think the needler is cool too, but it doesn't fit ut2004 at all, it wouldn't be cool in ut2004.


      Ah teah it would in a crazy weapons server..not in normal gameplay though.


        In a year or so it'll probably be on all servers.


          WTF! Are you crazy?!

          I dont HATE Halo!
          So not everyone hates halo.

          In a way.. the vehicles and weapons are downright pretty cool.

          Especially the Flamethrower and Fuel Rod Cannon.


            On a tangent to the "needler" I can't help but think about how cool a dual nail gun or better yet, dual mini-gun would be in-game.

            On topic, modding the arvil's vehicle tracking code to track everything would be a cake walk. Then just alter the model and missles to be "needles". Instant needler.


              I didn't mind halo. It most certainly wasn't the "god of multiplayer" that the general consensus would have you believe, though. (Speaking generally, of course.)

              The needler might need to be tweaked to be in this game, though. Running around, shooting aimlessly, having it track everything around you and doing little damage wasn't that fun imho. Little to no strategy; hide behind something, aim near something, shoot.

              Not saying I wouldn't mind seeing this in ut2k4, mind you, I'm saying I'd prefer some improvements and tweakage.

              Butcherboy, care to elaborate a bit on your thoughts on a dual nailgun/minigun? Got me curious as to what you'd like.