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'Extreme' Lightning Cannon

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    'Extreme' Lightning Cannon

    sup, im planning to make an incredible superweapon called the (see above) E.L.C., it's somewhat the lightning gun with ball-lightning. hehe
    This is what it should do:
    Primary fire => big sized ball-lightning that zaps down any pawn close to it and releases 6 small-heatseeking-ball-lightning-proj's on impact => compare it with fallen stars "wooow awesome dude!"

    Secondary fire => flakshell which releases 6 slow-moving-big-sized-ball-lightning or should i call it the 'deathstrikers'

    *deathstrikers: they move very slowly and last like 20 secs or something but what they do when someone's around =>, they strike em down with big lightning-rays just like thunder

    but here's the problem: there is a vehicle called the 'lightning tank', it's included in the XTV-mod or the XS-mod or whatever the name is (you know, with the hydra) and it features the ball-lightning stuff so on question to the great author of this mod=>'XYX':
    Can I use your code for this plzzzz????? (I don't want to end up in jail for stealing someone's code, but i guess he would say 'NO')

    finally, done talking...

    PM me your email and I'll send you the source code.

    Thanks for asking.


      thx man
      ive already made it anyway but i don't think it's ready for a release yet because of the bugs and stuff
      but ive got some screens of it, it's pretty cool

      (above) deathstrikers in action (tried hard to take proper screenshots)

      even got a downloadlink for the weapon (use with WORM) for you all to test it out:


        Fun little thingy. I like your variations: the homing starbursts and the floating balls of zapping death.

        Bit horribly over-the-top uber, though. I can't imagine it would be fun to play against this weapon. It has a very large "spam to win" rating.

        Are you up for another challenge? Try to make it comparable in power to the rocket launcher.


          you mean by reducing it's damage? make it as balanced as the rocket launcher? i can do that


            Any which way you can. The fire rate, projectile speed, minibolt range... all affect the overall power of the thing.

            What I mean is if you make the ELC a balanced choice in between the other weapons. Useful in specific situations, but not a no-brainer. If you'd add a weapon to the game that is clearly superior to the other weapons, everybody would use it all the time. Regular DM would become almost like ELC arena, and everybody would have a life expectancy of 0.02 seconds.

            It's really all about what purpose you have in mind for your creation. If you just want a cool gimmick with which to pwn the bots, then you're all set. If you want a weapon that fits in with the others, it's a different story.


              So true. Unless you are making a weapons package that replaces all the stock weapons you must balance it with what already exists.

              Something you might consider to balance it is give it a very small ammo supply, or make it share the ammo with the stock lightning gun but make it use alot more ammo per shot(full ammo gives 4 shots).


                I made 2 versions:
                The Regular Lightning Cannon & The Extreme Lightning Cannon

                The Regular LC is a scaled down version of the ELC:
                -only one deathstriker per shot
                -deathstriker's striking range reduced
                -deathstriker life time = 10 - 12 secs
                -reduced overal damage
                -slower firerate
                -reduced ballsize & blastsize
                -less homing stars on impact

                ELC is still the same, only has a different skin



                  hi im a noob!:noob:
                  i hope its not rude or anythin but please can i have a copy of the source? i like learning from other people's stuff and if i make anythin ill be sure to give u cred.



                    source code is included in the file


                      it sounds like dooms BFG only electric