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    O_O WOW


      Originally posted by ~Mr.Crow
      Are you gonna be able to control where the shot gose, like a redeemer?
      I'm planning to have it a bit more like the ion painter or the Leviathan secondary - an instant-hit beam, then a biiiig explosion at the end.

      Well, it'd be just like holding any other gun and getting your head blown off. Only difference is that this gun is sucking health so you'll presumably have less health, but a headshot is a headshot...

      Also, a good reason not to just stand around picking your nose when charging the gun. You'll have to be much more aware of your surroundings so you dont get killed till you fire off the blast.
      Good point. I'll probably just speed up the charging a bit so they won't be vulnerable for so long.

      Edit - I've decided to add something to the damage equation - the health you had when you started charging. So D = kh(100/r)(200-i), where i is your initial health, r is the remaining health, and h is the health you actually charge the weapon with. Just to make it a bit more interesting, and to inspire people to maybe not camp the Kegs with this thing.


        Originally posted by Mahalis
        would making the handles bigger help?
        It's not the size, it's the shape. It is a bit hard to judge from these screenies, though.


          Beta released here.