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    so im not good at making vehicles,mods,stuff but i do got ideas

    like a spidermine like translocater
    like u spawn ur trans and when press q u can move it around
    with the trans ammo thing but with spider like legs on it so it moves
    it may add another lvl since u can run around and fun where things are :P

    hope 1 of u modding gods can handle it :up:

    pictures here or on the second page post 2


    A translocator with legs? That does sound like a neat idea I admit. Especially since you can use the translocator as a personal camera! I also have an idea to add to this. Make it a mobil bomb or something! Like about half as powerfull as a redeemer blast with a small blast radius *for clearing out small crowed rooms n such* if anyone gonna attempt this.


      yea maybe we ould add another button to make the bomb go off
      like press um.... *
      and after a sec it blows but it gives off a BEEP and blinks a light


        Sounds a lot like the Proxy Mines in ChaosUT.. definitely a cool idea if anyone can figure out how to do it.


          cool, can they bite too?


            im thinking it can junk about as high as half of a persons hight
            can run as fast as the normal spidermines
            has the trans camra
            and blows up with the force of 2 granades/mines that = 100health or something

            2 mines destroy 1 person so it should have enuff force to do that

            has a helth of about 10-50
            fire brings it out
            q brings on the moving mode like the normal trans camra but u can move the trans :P
            q again brings u back to urself
            and alt fire brings u to the trans
            another fire if the spider trans is out destroys it
            if u switch weapons then it stays

            anthing im missing?

            its be a great thing

            hope to see some 1 make it for me


              maybe this would be a nice idea if you'd use the code for the vorpal gun +10 (5% chance of instagib on explosion)

              Ive tried mutators with a fixed damage rate before - but they do no good when playing with UT2004RPG


                it dont have to be fixed just the main idea of damage
                its just enuff to blow a person up and maybe a way to do more damage if u want like 500 or 1000 to get em nasty vehicles
                but no redeamer size explosions
                more like a normal explosion


                  Make it beep 3 times so the person can go "Oh shi-" BOOOM!!

                  That would be hilarious... Yes I Got that phrase from Angel Mapper's "I Spy You Die" weapon.


                    plz some 1 make it

                    you just add the leggs of the spider mine on the translocater
                    and make it so when you press the q button it allows the you to move the transpider instead of the player but a way that i dont know the name of but is just an easy way of just changing the human controled actor
                    when the transpider dies or you press q again is when it returns to the player or when you change weapons

                    ILL GIVE THE PERSON WHO MAKES THIS A HUG or a BIG MUG OF MILK C[M] <-----

                    DO IT FOR ME


                      Hey, that's doable...

                      Interesting idea, I must admit.
                      A sneaky way to get past guards and into
                      a fortress. Ideal for ctf :P .
                      If I've got time, I'll try goof around with it.

                      So, as I see it:

                      A remote control spidermine.
                      With camera function a'la redeemer / telepod.
                      Transport to the location on detonation.

                      The remote control bomb idea is also cool, but
                      to put them together would be (i think) a little bit to
                      much of the good stuf.

                      The remote control bomb as a replacer for the redeemer,
                      that's an interesting idea. Especially for a mutator to replace
                      the redeemer. A ground moving redeemer :P .

                      Al in all, definitly worth to be build.
                      I'll give it a try. But don't expect it to be done tomorrow,
                      I'm busy with other stuff to.


                        yea plz keep me informed on how its going


                          I'm currently puzzling with the translocator, Minelayer and Redeemer,
                          trying to make one type of projectile. The move type of the Redeemer,
                          the animations of the Spidermine and the Teleporting of the

                          I'll maybe have some time to try some things this week, but school
                          is consuming a mayor part of my time (as are other things ... girlfriend,
                          casemod, etc etc :P ).


                            where dues the redeamer come in?
                            i dont want an explosion that big :P
                            a spidermine cant have that much damage on it :P

                            the translocater already have a window things thats cool but we gotta get that loss in visablity to go away or keep it if you want

                            i just know change the thing so that when you go into camra mode your char dont move....oh that redeamer thing with the moving

                            yea i think its like a bSOMETHING and set it to true
                            like bUseBot or something (dont know the code so its just entering words to make it look right)

                            how to move it?
                            i know w go forward and all that stuff and space to make it jump like 1/2 human hight

                            how do you make the **** things move?:sour:
                            maybe make just take the spidermine itself take off the controller and set it to a Humancontroller O.o that should make it from running after some 1 when they come nere
                            then just add the camra to the right spot and add that sweet translocater light^^

                            then we gotta add that thing that makes you teleport to the actor
                            that should be in the translocater info

                            COOL i hope i helped^^

                            tell me when you get it working^^
                            I WANT THE VERY FIRST TESTING THING

                            this will be so cool!


                              First and foremost.... this sounds like a really freaking sweet idea. Holy ****. o.o

                              Seccond, a remote bomb AND translocator sounds a bit... too much. I suggest splitting this into two or three different things, and pack them in the same mutator:

                              1) a moveable transporter (spidermine translocator puck, with camera)

                              2) a moveable spidermine (spidermine with camera controls)

                              3).... possibly a normal translocator, but in camera mode, instead of primary fire returning the puck, have it detonate for like fifty damage.

                              The amount of damage some of you were indicating seems way, waaaaaaay too high to maintain balance, imho. The trick is to make a result that's fun, and yet not spammy or corrupts gameplay.

                              That, and one way or another there's gonna have to be a range limitation to the mobile ones. As in, a certain radius that when the mine/transporter moves, the reception via the camera gets fuzzier, and eventually looses contact with the player (looses camera control.) Weither or not it would dissapear, stay, or flat-out explode when it runs out of range would be up to you guys. ^^;

                              I'm thinking the remote-control spidermine/translocator puck (I.E., 1 and 2) would be suited for about 35 health or so.

                              Sidenote. The remote-control spidermine sounds like it would be best used as a new weapon. And, being a modeler, I would be most interested in making a model for it.