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Help needed with Map Ideas

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    Help needed with Map Ideas

    Hi all,....

    I'm just starting to learn how to handle Uedit and I came up with something for 2 new maps,... I'm kind of hoping to find someone here to give me a helping hand on how to do this (especially some stuff concerning animation)

    I have ideas for 2 map; the first, for who ever saw Hellbound:
    This is a picture of the maze in the second part of the movie
    A wall split in a mental institution, which lead to a labyrinth... I was thinking about a map in 2 parts,.. a part of the 'shenard' institute (dont remember the name exactly) which leads through a cracked wall to the maze. Above the maze, a cube shaped object (in the movie Levaithan) was hovering in the sky emmiting dark rays and an eery sound <-- especially with this i need help :-|

    The second map should look like this:
    I dont really thought about this, but it should look a bit like the boilerroom (the club from part 3 hell on eath) -> a grim and dark atmophere, chains hanging from the walls and ceiling.
    Perhaps using the textures from the lament puzzle box to plaster the walls

    Anyone able to lend a helping hand to get me started?

    why can't you do it?
    you think you could explain it a little more of the maps layout?