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UT :: Bloodsport

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  • UT :: Bloodsport

    Here we go!
    UnrealTournament: Bloodsport

    Basically a realism mod based in the classic Unreal Universe.
    I haven't got much decided on the gameplay front, I guess I really have to wait until I can get some coders to slap something together to see what works and what doesn't.
    So I guess I'll list off my dreams until then::
    "America's Army" style movement- You move around at a slow jogging pace, with options involving sprinting, crawling, hopping... Basically everything you can do in while you're in your backyard :bulb:
    "CounterStrike"-esque weapons gameplay- They behave like one would imagine a real weapon would, but instead of the mundane M4a1s and AK47s you're used to, there'll be weapons along the lines of conventional shockrifles, flak cannons, snipers, ect. Very fast weapons, hard to handle until you learn to compensate for recoil and general inaccuracy. To balance that out, weapons are 1-4 shot kills, no matter what.
    Mostly redone visuals- Smoke will look like smoke, blood/gore made alot more sloppy [think Doom3 but ... more], all the goodness of current UT2k4 elements but with no/less corners cut, photo based textures injected after that, emphasis on atmosphere and mood [as opposed to catering purely to gameplay], realistic enviroments [cock fighting-ish cage matches, paintball arena-esque outdoor areas, functioning factories/plants/industrial crap]
    New gametypes- Deathmatch, infantry based Onslaught, Assault
    Vehicles- I don't like the idea... They'd have to be terribly unbalanced to maintain realism

    And feel free to post any ideas you may have

    Progress so far::
    =This post
    =A quick map to pitch at potential ...staff I guess they'd be called, which is 20% complete
    =Some thinking was done too

    Willing to recruit ANYONE with ANY talent, but especially::
    Music people :bulb:
    and Concept artists

    Post here, PM me, or email me at if you're interested

    Well thanks for your time... I'll fix this post up later.