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Could we get some weapons, and, y'know, vehicles? -too many maps-

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    No duh, man. Red sensor things are HOT.

    XD But yeah, more grunge/dirt skinned, diffirent sent shell or no shell at all, same cannon thingy deal model, keeping the red light. Sweet, this idea is really starting to shape.


      lol hope it comes out. give me some credit for helping out! =D


        I know just the thing.

        It needs a very official looking warning label somewhere on it, something like "WARNING: The presence of WoW Punisher within three hundred feet of this vehicle may result in turret jams, bumpy handling, a tainted vehicle, severe psychological trauma to the driver and widespread terror among your own troops."


          lol, but my ingame name is [GU]Punisher so you're gonna have to use that :P


            Well then, [GU]Punisher.

            XD Homanz, this is would be an awesome vehicle if it gets made.


              why don't you make it?


                Damnation...I can'tfind my chopsticks. Eating this with a fork is blasphemy...

                Xp Because, Ebby is no modder.
                I'm a starving artist, but I don't know anything about models or scripting. In week or two, I'll be able to do skinning work, though. That's when school starts, and when I'll have access to a non PoS version of PS.

                I mean, I could probably learn enough to work on some of these, eventually. But that's quite a ways away, really. For now, I'm just tossing out ideas for people to grab, I'll work with whatever's left when I finnaly learn enough to start trying.


                  Originally posted by Ebil Mecha Pup
                  I think a dune buggy loking vehicle would be great for something like that. Like...a dune buggy/pickup truck hybrid type thing?
                  I'd stick it on one of T-Shinzon's vehicles, if it's all the same to you. Can't afford to add another one to the long list of future releases...

                  Originally posted by Ebil Mecha Pup
                  As for the pointer, I'd say no. It'd be nice to have a vehicle that can't be used to both 0wnZor the node and defend against enemies at the same time. It'd add some challenge, otherwise your just driving around pointing at everything you want dead, giggling in overly versatile glee.
                  They wouldn't necessarily have to react to "pwnz0r this node" commands, only to "pwnz0r this enemy". But I'll try without first.

                  Originally posted by Ebil Mecha Pup
                  have you looked at the Crescendo and the Defiled Crucifix ideas?
                  Yep, but I have no room for those. I'll be giving our Lightning Tank the ability to automatically fry anyone close to it, though.


                    A shame you can't use a new model, but I can se the reasoning. T-shinz just has a whole crapload of models. It frightens me to look at the screenshots where they're piled in groups.

                    ^.^ I think the autoturrets would be sufficient. Plus, I'm assuming you can always run things down in addition to turret fire.

                    Well, it's a shame that you haven't the room, but yay anyways. Like, YAY! 'Cause the LT is one of my favorite vehicles to mess around with. I'm assuming the explanation for the proximity zapping will be tied in with the glitch where the zappy effects don't go away on the guns?


                      The zappy effects don't go away? If you mean the lil' aura of lightning surrounding one of the guns, that's intentional. It means the gun is ready to fire. Still might not work 100%, though.


                        Yeah, that's what I'm reffering to.

                        There's a glitch on them where the lightning aura doesn't go away, even if you just fired the thing.


                          -gonk- I know, I know, it's a double post.

                          Bet you didn't see this coming!

                          IT'S AN UPDATE!

                          Only added the Sentipede, so far.