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Small planets?

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    im going to take a try at this, dont expect anything wonderful, im a **** mapper,
    im going to make it out of static meshs, it should make it look smoother


      Killers asked me to release what ive done,

      I gave up half way through,
      theres only 1 spawn point,
      no weapons,
      static mesh's arent UV'ed yet
      bad lighting
      bad static meshes



        This is a mirror of the above file in ellsal's post

        And here is a screenshot so anyone thinking about downloading will know what to expect.

        Comments: Its exactly what a small planet should be ellsal. That is the first time I have used the mod, and it seems a little rough. 3rd person view isnt supported, and there seemed to be a problem with first person when you reached the south pole. The view seems a little tilted at times too. I also noticed that bots would drift off into space when I was trying to shield one of them off the platform onto the sphere. Overall this is definitely a step in the right direction. I noticed that you cant adjust the gravity ingame... I guess this has to do with the way the mod uses gravity (?).


          i cant seem to adjust the gravity strength in the editor either, i had a quick look but found nothing,
          i made a newer version to that map, but i didnt release,

          added effect to radar
          added more weapons


          i was planning on adding a mesh around the planet but it was too poly high and crashed the editor after 2hours of indexing vertices

          i was also planning on making houses/rivers/bridges, but i couldnt get the scales right and the players view tilted, making the player slide around too much

          ive also noticed you can use the biosludge to tell you were you are, because the blobs change shape like they would if gravity was normal