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VCTF map concept - On the road...

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    VCTF map concept - On the road...

    So after watching several vids of AutoAssault and listening to the "Roadrage" track (ONS-RoadRage), my weirdass mind cooked up this concept.

    2 convoys of raiders try to escape the ongoing orbital nuclear strikes. Since they're driving side by side, they pretty much want eachother's values.

    Not eachother's lives, though...

    Movement. Driving. Think AS-Convoy.
    6 static "trucks" (3 on each side) churn rock as fast as possible, on their way away from a huge nuclear blast which is ever approaching -- this blast will appear as backdrop(scenery).

    The center truck on each team is the flag-truck - open-topped and sparsely covered with supplies.
    The front and aft (which are farther from the middle) trucks are turreted and stocked with weaponry. They also have floor-less sections on the sides and aft to accomodate for 4 Scoprions and a single Hellbender. (note, all vehicles would have their regular weapons replaced with chainguns and the like)

    These drivable vehicles will be suspended above ground, on cranes/magnets/other, and will be released once the driver steps on the pedal.
    When touching ground, they will fall behind, then catch up to speed.
    The vehicles will then maintain slightly "faster" speed than their static counterparts.

    With these smaller vehicles, small groups of people can race back and forth between the two flag trucks, all while avoiding crashing or falling too far behind and getting consumed by the nuclear shockwave.

    Then it's all-out war to get at eachother's flags.

    -- Now this is where it gets tricky Unreal-Wise --

    The thing is to have the vehicles "feel" as if they're moving all the time. the player should not touch any of his direction keys (wasd arrows ect), and yet his mannable vehicle should drive away.
    Pressing the pedal will make him go faster, while braking will make him go only half as fast. (in effect moving ahead and dropping behind)

    The thing here is, that while moving terrain like in AS-Convoy isn't actually "moving", it still gives that effect visually, and on player pawns (and gibs when people fall to their deaths).
    But, IIRC, a spawned vehicle would be standing still between the trains in AS-Convoy, and without it's wheels moving.

    I reckon a certain amount of UScripting could make the "fake" moving terrain behave as real for the mannable vehicles, so that the vehicle does need to be moving at a certain speed in order to stay on the same spot in the map.

    And to help people maintaining a bit of control on their way back and forth, the vehicles will automatically have a set speed - which will have them move slightly forward in the map.

    Also, the vehicles will have added bounciness(from vehicle physics) and turning speed, but they won't get thrown around by shock rifles like normal (only a minor deviation like being pushed 10-15'(rotation) to the other side)

    Furtherly, when exciting the vehicle, the player would be launched from his car towards where he/she was looking. The launch would only be close contact though - such as side-by-side driving with a flag-truck.
    The empty vehicle would then slowly lose speed and course (like a car going 150mph trying to brake on solid ice)

    I'm pretty much thinking of a map where people drive side-by-side, assaulting eachothers vehicles and trying to get at the flags, without losing control or falling too far behind - driving far ahead, u-turning and rushing back would also be plausible.


    Techwise I'd say this concept sucks, but if it could be made, then it would whoop ***.



    Yes, I am well aware that the vehicles are nothing but colored Aliens APC's and Countach'es... xP

    Re: VCTF map concept - On the road...

    That would rock!

    Maybe if you could replace the flag with gas? You don't have enough gas to escape the blast. Take the enemy's gas or die!

    If a empty car would get lost, it would be quite hard to get back to your base.:bulb:

    I'm not sure if this is possible: But it would really rock if there was a bridge once where you can fall into the water


      This Owns!

      I love you! :heart: