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    hover board

    While playing big maps with alot of people for onslaught or VCTF i'm often stuck walking, which is really boring and i don't like it. since alot of maps don't have teleporters from one place to another, what about a personal hover board that you can whip out and start riding on?

    I think it'd be cool if it was as faster than the manta, but to even it out, you can fall off on sharp turns. You can be shot off, and you can't carry the flag while riding it. It has no weapons and you can't use any weapon you have while on it. it's for transportation, not fighting. Shorten them long trips across big maps, i think it'll make the game alot more fast paced.

    so... lemme try to explain what i got as an idea

    little skate board that hovers slightly above ground

    faster then manta

    while riding it you're extreemly vurable to attacks, you are 2x weaker then normal, means a mini will devistate you, all the other weapons too. Lightning gun and sniper riffle hit you, boom you fall off and die.

    can not carry flag while riding it.

    everyone can get one of these babys in a weapons locker, or they spawn with it.

    i think it'd be cool

    [edit] and you can't fire any kind of weapon while on it

    sorry if this is similar, or the same as someone elses idea

    Sounds good i all ways walk for miles on ons maps 2 this would fix that.:up:




        Sweet! i don't even half to wait for one

        thanks for the link


          learn me how!!

          will one of u fellers teach me how to make cool things like that please?