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    spacefights (edited)

    I wonder if it's possible to make a mod where everyone is fighting in space (or just with 0-gravity)

    this will need adjusted weapons and stuff like being able to fly around at different speeds and dodge in all directions.

    -rocketlaunchers will load multiple rockets by holding a-button, same for b-button but those will be using aimlock all the time
    -a flack cannon that spreads the flack shells over a wide area, holding b-button releases the flack ball, releasing it will make it burst and let the flackshells fly to all directions
    -the green toxic blur out of the biorifle should form a ray of blobs instead of 1 bigone.
    -maybe some sort of energyblade
    -shockballs and shockcombos should be elipses so they take in a bigger area in height and wide but not in depth otherwise you'll kill yourself with it.
    -maybe some sort of energetic wall that you can create as a defence against oppenents that attack you at high speed, it should hurt them to but not to much like say 30hp. shouldn't have to much ammo of this so it won't be overused.
    -link and mini could use more ammo cause accuracy will be lower and maybe shoot a bit faster.
    -a superweapon that creates a black hole that sucks all players near it into it.
    -target painter drops a ray of meteors

    you should be able to boost in all directions by pressing 2x forward, 2x backwards, 2x left and 2x right,2x up (jumpkey), 2x down (crouchkey) and have some sort of superboost that will make you go superfast in the chosen direction by pressing 4x forward, 4x backward, ... this will make meleeattacks with the energyblade more interesting.

    mapsuggestions: being outside a satelite, being in a (moving) meteor ray (one that wont harm you!) or in a spaceship with different big rooms.

    in the shieldgun map pack 1 there is a map where there is no gravity and you must kill the others by pushing them at the top of the map or the bottom where there are giant blades.


      not really what i'm looking for but thanks


        i wondered ne1 noticed i edited my post with some information