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    Memorial T.C.

    I was told this was the place to submit ideas for mods.

    This is the post I made at

    I was just thinking.

    As one of the old 'Online Giant' companies has been absorbed, I was thinking of a new UT2004 T.C. to commemorate their last and biggest online game.

    I call it: UT:Renegade!

    UT:Renegade will be a memorial to gaming giants, Westwood Studios!

    The idea is that, now, there are 3 game modes:

    Vehicle Capture the Flag
    Base Siege
    Seek and Destroy

    Vehicle Capture the Flag is the same, but now each team gets unique vehicles!

    Seek and Destroy is Team Last Man Standing

    Base Siege is the 'masterpiece' of UT:R

    Think Onslaught, but now there are 4 or 5 powercores per base, one in each building.

    Each team has a base, which will consist of:
    -1 Power Plant
    -1 Barracks
    -1 War Factory
    -1 Airfield

    A special structure will be available on some maps.

    Each structure will have specific functions:
    -Barracks - heavy weapon spawn, player spawn
    -War Factory - vehicle spawn
    -Airfield - aircraft spawn
    -Power Plant - turret power

    Losing that structure loses that function.

    Lose all those structures and you lose!

    Each base will also have a "Reinforcements" area, where light weapons, light ground vehicles and players will always be able to spawn from.

    Each map will have two different sides fighting, which will come from one of Westwoods games:
    Allies, Soviets (RA2)
    GDI, Nod (C&C)
    USA, China, GLA (Generals)
    Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos (Emperor)

    Vehicle spawns will be dependant on which 'side' you are on, e.g. GDI will get different units to Harkonnen.

    What do you think so far?

    Basicly this is just the Renegade concept?
    I don't like the tough of having different enemies from different eras, why not just use the the ones from Tiberian, Emperor or RA? I think it would be cool to set it in the Unreal universe as a new gamemode, simiair to Onslaught, but it would feel very different.

    As a TC mod I think this wouldn't be very managable. Maybe if you limit yourself to 2 sides it will, but even then it will be a huge amount of work that will probably go unnoticed, cuz if i want to play Renegade, I play Renegade, not UT.


      Here are the other places I submitted this idea.

      Levels4You post (LINK LOST)

      CNCNZ post

      cncden post

      This will show how much, or how little, support the idea has.


        sounds just like onslaught to me. only differences are the buildings and the unique vehicles


          Base Siege is a cross between Onslaught and Capture The Flag.

          All buildings are vulnerable at the start of the match, and there are no others.

          If what I said is too hard, you can make it so that it is just GDI and Nod.

          I am actually kind of proud of my idea.



            To this day I still occasionally play C&C Renegade. It is similar to onslaught except in the following ways:

            The points you earn allow you to buy vehicles or choose more powerful class-based characters (class-based meaning you use only the guns you start with and do not drop and pickup weapons).

            You get points for repairing players, vehicles and buildings.

            You get points as long as your Tiberium Refinery is not destroyed a little at a time. You get lots of points if the harvester survives the trip back from harvesting.

            There is lots of strategy that differs from map to map. Not every map has defenesive turrets. Only two maps have flying vehicles.

            One side has stealth units.

            Destroying a building can be done three different ways:
            damage from vehicle weapons, c4 charges on the inside terminal, and nuke/ion cannon super weapons.

            Numerous strategies include: loading up an APC and rushing the enemy power plant to place C4 charges (thwarted with well placed mines at the doors and blocking the APC), flame tank rush over the hill, holding the tiberium fields with tanks or artillery, and so on. Not to mention that with good defense you could possibly still win even if you lost two buildings.

            The big drawbacks to this game are: the network performance was not very good, numerous cheats, some maps had flaws that players exploited (server owners later changed the maps to fix some of these), players foolishly thought they were allowed infinite mines (you only get 30 and new ones replace old ones).

            Porting this game to the UT2k4 platform would make it great provided that the maps were fixed and models were accurately redone for weapon damage, speed, etc.

            Certainly, having Generals or Emperor models would also be interesting but would probably take several tweaks to balance.

            I really hope somebody picks up the project.


              The thing about Renegade is that since it carries the C&C name, they expected some aspect of base building, of which you never even see a building made even once throughout the entirety of it. Multiplayer is far more similier to Onslaught then any RTS, and I think it would do well. The coding for it I could do in my sleep in a short enough period of time, the big thing would be for someone to actually create maps to use it, but people usually don't create maps for gametypes unless they've tried it first; a chicken n' egg problem. The Onslaught vehicles would work well as between OnslaughtFull and the ECE pack, they cover about anything you'd want for a vehicle, even being more varied then the ones in Renegade, so as stated, the only thing really would be map makers. What would be a good name for such a gameplay mode however?



                There's a group that made a Renegade conversion with new maps and vehicles. I wonder if they would be on board to do maps for a UT Renegade.

                The conversion was called RenAlert (RENegade, red ALERT).

                Things that might be tough to code:

                1) points now equate to cash allowing you to buy vehicles. You need consoles to purchase items and weapons. Get points every second the Tib Ref is alive.

                2) different character model based on what you buy.

                3) Weapons do not drop, pistol ammo unlimited

                4) weapon damage scaled to Renegade limits. This is probably necessary to ensure balance. I think Renegade had surprising balance considering the diversity of weapons and vehicles.

                5) Harvester

                What might be nice:
                a) Buildings fully destroyed
                b) Some indicator for mines so dummies don't keep placing them
                c) Switch out vehicle sets and models for different genres: GDI-NOD, Generals, Red Alert, Emperor etc. This is a stretch.
                d) Similar art to the old game

                If you like I will attempt to get them to come over here and chat about it.



                  Looks like the RenAlert team moved to the Battlefield 1942 engine, and more recently, the BF 2 engine.

                  I think this is not the ideal choice of an engine. Also, I preferred the Nod vs GDI universe to any of the RA games.


                    i think its a good mod... i used to be a huge ra2 fan so this sounds good to me. Yes.. it does sound very much like onslaught but i think using the barracks and powerplants will give the game type way more strategy. You'd have to decide what is more important to destroy first (take out air or ground???) JUST LIKE RA! nice!



                      Originally posted by xoham
                      Looks like the RenAlert team moved to the Battlefield 1942 engine, and more recently, the BF 2 engine.
                      Ew. Eww.

                      Also, I preferred the Nod vs GDI universe to any of the RA games.
                      Same. Or any other C&C universe, for that matter.