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    Idea for a TC/MOD

    This idea is a bot_deform creation.

    Anyone played ICO on playstation 2, how cool is that game. would it be good to create a TC/MOD based on the game of ICO.


    Venture back to a simpler time about 500 years ago when witches and demons were perceived as very real. A remote village seems to be cursed by an unknown force, because in every generation there is a boy born who sprouts a set of panic-inducing horns, and is given the name ICO. Thought to be the spawn of evil, the child is ritually locked in a castle and left to die. You play the role of Ico, and if you’re going to live, you must escape from the castle. As you wander through the enormous structure, you discover a young girl who doesn’t speak your language. Taking her under your wing, it’s up to you to lead her to safety through all kinds of obstacles and enemies. Armed with a relatively ineffective stick as a weapon, you must battle the wicked creatures that lie in waiting throughout the dark and dank castle. You’ll also be faced with many puzzles and platforming challenges but you must keep your female companion safe at all times.

    Here's a link to a shed load of pics... :haha: :haha: :haha:

    Why make a new Thread, if you can keep the old one?

    Well, those Pics look nice, and the Story sounds interresting..


    Originally posted by Richyb
    This map is a bot_deform creation.
    It's an Idea, not a Creation


      I made a new thread becouse a balls up the poll.

      PS Thanks for that error.


        hmmm I remember this game, I saw a review of in on Xplay way back when. Wasn't the the girl a ghost or something?
        Lets skip to the point. Why use UT to build an entirely different game. Pros/Cons?
        Pro: the ut engine rox like clean sox.
        Con: everything will have to be adapted. -- When this is the case, the project often falls out of existence with a "Last update: Jan 6, 2001" kind of seal of abandonment.

        IMHO, there are limits to what *should* be attempted using UT. (example) recreating CS down to every detail boggles my mind when you can save 1000's of hours by just buying CS. Sorry guys, Halo too.
        I don't know much about this game, it sounds like console only, so of course, read my sig.

        All the above being said, if you have tons of time to work on something like this, prove me wrong! I would be happy to download the final release and congradulate you on a job well done.


          This idea is a bot_deform creation.

          ICO is one of the top ten games for playstation2. Its scores 90+%. With the power the UealED can pump out the i thing the game/mod would be great. what about UWRL and devastation there that your basic FPS, and i dont what to recreate the game i what to creat a theme like that...

          anyway we are not the same, so your thoughts are your thoughts and i welcome your cader...


            A theme or a game mode? are you interested in having someone you have to protect? What are you thinking for the actual gameplay?


              This idea is a bot_deform creation.

              The idea is that you, the hero/ main charecter leads a lost soul though a fantasy world. You pass though dangues dungons sloving puzzles and fighting back foe.Your goal is to find the gateway back home, so that lost soul you have been helping can rest in piece forever.

              Basicly i would like to creat the game play aspice of ICO, and creat a total new storyline with new foe's and puzzles...

              I have started to learn Basic coding using a few books and the Buzz VTM. Those guys over at buzz have really helped. Maybe in a year or so i might have some working progress, we will see...

              :weird: :weird: :weird: