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    Q3A style spawn protection

    one of the more irritating things about playing LMS is the spawn protection. either the server has it set too short where you get blasted the very moment you spawned or its set way too long and when your wandering about the arena some creep spawns right next to ya and flaks you while you cant hit them back because they are invincible anyhow I was thinking there should be a mutator that disables the standard spawn protection and starts the player with a user defined amount of shield/extra health and it decreases at a user defined rate until the player gets knocked down to a user defined level of health or until it decreases to that point on its own the mutator settings should look something like this

    starting shield: 150
    Decrease Rate: 30
    final shield: 0

    how this works is in the settings the user told it to start the player with 150 sheild and to take away 30 shield points every second until it reaches 0.

    this should prevent people from spawn killing so much and it also should prevent newly spawned players from taking advantage of their protection and using it to score a really really cheap shot as they can now be killed too if they push their luck too far

    so how about it?

    Not a bad idea, spawnkilling can be pretty annoying in LMS.
    On the other hand just making the stardard spawn protection last longer would also work and wouldn't require a mut.


      Originally posted by Zynith
      On the other hand just making the stardard spawn protection last longer would also work and wouldn't require a mut.
      but making spawn protection last longer means that newly spawned players can really take advantage of it and slip in attacks while their still invincible

      the whole point of this is to make them protected but not to the point where they can take advantage of it and waste someone that happened to be passing by

      this way the passerby actually has a chance to fight them off and fight back and also the person newly spawned does get some sort of protection so that people dont turn them into an easy target

      Im not really so annoyed by spawn killing as I am the people who take advantage of the protection... the whole point is to make it so that both players have a chance because the current UT model of spawn protection is a bit too extreme

      you cant have current UT spawn protection set up right as you set it up for a long time the protected player always is gonna whipe out whoever is nearby, and if its set up for a short time span the players nearby always beat them down at the moment of spawn the whole point of this is to protect the player that just spawned but not protect them to such an extreme point that they can do whatever they want to the people around them


        Agreed. With this idea, they are protected insofar that they have the edge over any spawn-campers and can have enough time to make an escape or counter, without giving them the ability for an all-offensive to take out any nearby passersby with zero chance of retribution.