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Satore addon monsters ideas pls

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    no I delete lol

    Originally posted by INIQUITOUS View Post
    huh where did buffys post go?


    It seems the post limit has been reached for this thread, people are getting a denied message. Continue the discussion on this thread! Satore addon monsters ideas pls - continued
    I had some problem with custom bot with dragon but now it fixed so no problem so I delete last comment


      We should probably start a new thread anyway tbh, its very hard to find anything in all of this and I think we should petition this thread to be a sticky :P


        I agree. This started as a way to share ideas but it has become so much more. In my opinion, I'd move the coding/creation/how-do-I-fix-this discussions to Ini's forum. It's probably much better served there as he can answer and explain without restrictions.

        Anyone with a monster/Invasion release is welcome to get with me and I'll feature it on the Vault and provide you a linkable direct download, as well as a page or two of any sort of description you think is apt.

        This thread is probably best used as it was originally intended to be: a place for ideas, not necessarily tech support or release announcements. I'll petition the sticky Ini and let you know when I get a response.