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Satore addon monsters ideas pls

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    My suggestion...

    1. create new skins for all the monsters. I was told you have to keep it under 500 poly's. not sure why.

    2. I like the add on with the queen's and titan's. please make monsters that have unique abilities. such as, freezing or null entropy (stops movement), or poison. very much like in the RPG servers. and make them match in color. like freezing gasbags would be more icy white. make more types of warlords, like a red one that shoots fire like the gas bags but with the same speed as the rockets. another queen would be cool. poison crawly things. exploding war cows. killer bunnies. the more variety in monsters the better, it keeps the game interesting.


      I found this on a forum somewhere and have emailed him see if we can use his concept art

      but no reply yet:cry:



        Have now made most of the skaarj like the original with no weapon shooting sparkles and now
        they melee attack too also look out for the new animations
        thanks to PsychoKick for releasing them to the general public available here

        ClanLord and Skaaruk are still extended nalifighters so use the monster
        config to change the properties of each.

        To Do list...

        Add Sheilds to some of the unarmed Skaarj
        Add Teleport to some others


        for some reason you need bots when playing instant action otherwise the skaarj dont spawn (if you know why pls tell me..)
        dont know about on a server if some one could test it would be nice for some advise

        next i`m gonna work on the probe droid for the starwars addon


          Originally posted by Zynith
          Wouldn't anywone want to model this one, I seriously want to blow it to tiny shreds.

          bring ding ding ding! xD

          that's a ripoff of bring ding ding mode in motogp.


            This is great!!!:up: :up:

            For people who use Monster Manager paste the following in the INI...

            MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Dominator_2",MonsterClassName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Domi nator",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)

            Then add each Skaarj in the same format...

            As always xkznanna... OUTSTANDING...

            Can't wait to see what's next...


              already got the probe droid and TrooperUT2k4 models up and running just wanna work on somthing else before i post the starwars addon


                ok is gonna take too long to workout some stuff

                so here`s StarWarsAddon part 1

                I think i'm gonna have a go at making a new gun for the storm troopers but if there`s one done already pls let me know...

                Qx9 has also made other models take a look here




                  You have out done yourself...

                  The troopers and probe droids are fantastic:up: :up:

                  I think the troopers weapons are fine, but if you can improve

                  them I would definately like to see it...

                  Several of us would like to say thanks!!! Invasion is our favorite

                  game type and your addons have greatly improved our matches.


                    just a little update

                    Currently workin on SkaarjAddon_v3
                    have made a new fire skaarj who will be gkublok

                    he fires fireballs that explode into pieces on contact also
                    Dominator will be unarmed but very strong melee fighter he
                    jumps,lundges,kicks an punches you think next i`m gonna give
                    one of the skaarj a sonic blast weapon that knocks you flying


                      Sounds good...

                      Will this include the Skaarj from version2, or will this be
                      another addon?


                        yeah all original skaarj from version 2 will still be there but just gonna keep improving on them


                          nice fun monsters ..I really love Probe monster !!!

                          :haha: :up:
                          also did you made "Redeemer nail monster" too ?
                          I seeing online and it too strong to kill .. :cry:


                            no the nalifighter is part of the satore monster pack you just specify what weapon you want him to use


                              Could you make ..

                              all new monsters inside "Satore Ini" file for me ?
                              I dont think I can do by my self for this ... :cry:
                              and Monster table line(for Monster Manager) & download link too
                              thank you :heart:



                                Paste the following in the Satore.ini at the end of the section that says: MonsterTable=(MonsterName=...

                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="AgentSmith",MonsterCla ssName="SmithAddon.AgentSmith")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="LinkGasBag",MonsterCla ssName="GasBagAddon.LinkGasBag")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="Dominator_2",MonsterCl assName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Dominator")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="Gaargod_2",MonsterClas sName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Gaargod")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="Drekorig_2",MonsterCla ssName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Drekorig")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="Guardian_2",MonsterCla ssName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Guardian")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="Kraagesh_2",MonsterCla ssName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Kraagesh")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="Gkublok_2",MonsterClas sName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Gkublok")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="ProbeDroid",MonsterCla ssName="StarWarsAddon.ProbeDroid")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="Trooper",MonsterClassN ame="StarWarsAddon.Trooper")
                                AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="DarkTrooper",MonsterCl assName="StarWarsAddon.DarkTrooper")

                                And paste the following in the MonsterManager.ini

                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Agent Smith",MonsterClassName="smithAddon.AgentSmith",bU seMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] LinkGasBag",MonsterClassName="GasBagAddon.LinkGasB ag",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Dominator_2",MonsterClassName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Domi nator",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Drekorig_2",MonsterClassName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Dreko rig",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Gaargod_2",MonsterClassName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Gaargo d",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Gkublok_2",MonsterClassName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Gkublo k",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Guardian_2",MonsterClassName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Guard ian",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Kraagesh_2",MonsterClassName="SkaarjAddon_v2.Kraag esh",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] ProbeDroid",MonsterClassName="StarWarsAddon.ProbeD roid",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] Trooper",MonsterClassName="StarWarsAddon.Trooper", bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)
                                MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] DarkTrooper",MonsterClassName="StarWarsAddon.DarkT rooper",bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)

                                That should get them all in the game, you will still have to add them to your waves...

                                Hope this helps...

                                If you have problems let me know....