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Satore addon monsters ideas pls

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    Satore addon monsters ideas pls

    ok mentioned this in another thread and it kinda took over the topic so i`m gonna start agian here

    I made a Addon for Satore monster pack

    here`s the agent smith addon for satore monster pack

    To Install You must have satore monster pack installed as well as the Agent Smith Player model Available Here......

    Next you Need SmithAddon.u available Here.....

    Place the SmithAddon.u in your ut2004\system folder then in the Addon Monsters tab of the satore mutator add the monster name as AgentSmith and the monster class as SmithAddon.Agentsmith

    note you may need to close the config page and reopen it so that it refreshes the monsters

    next i was asked how i did it so I relpied with

    ok luckily i`ve been asked this question before he`s the reply i sent them

    ok assuming you have the satore pack and agentsmith player model installed

    start unreal editor

    open the actor browser

    klik file

    klik open package

    find satoreMonsterPackv120.u and open

    klik file again

    export all scripts

    open ut2004 directory

    find satoreMonsterPackv120.u folder

    open classes folder

    find SMPNaliFighter.uc

    right klik and copy

    return to ut2004 directory and create a folder called MySmithAddon

    open that folder and create another folder called classes

    in that folder right klik and paste

    rename the file to MySmithAddon

    open it in any text editor (I surgest getting "context" and the ut highlighter)

    change the text to

    class MyAgentSmith extends SMPNaliFighter config(satoreMonsterPack);


    notice all i have done extended the classe "SMPNaliFighter" to my own class "MyAgentSmith"
    and deleted the rest the brackets are also important


    open your ut2004/systen folder

    find ut2004.ini

    open it

    in the [Editor.EditorEngine] section add after the other editpackages


    save the file

    now klik start (on windows taskbar)

    then klik run

    type ucc make and klik ok

    you`ll get a dos box appear

    you should get somthing like aload of scipts scrolling then

    Success - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)

    check in ut2004/system directory and find MySmithAddon.u

    Congratulations you made your own monster!!!!

    ps his class name is MySmithAddon.MyAgentSmith
    and name is MyAgentSmith


    oh yeah you can change the other default properties too just remember

    to make changes you have to delete or move the old .U file (very important)

    if you dont the editor detects the old .u in the system folder and doesnt compile

    the changes you made!!!

    if you wanted to apply this to other models try opening the upl file for the model it gives you important information like the mesh and skins it uses

    Now i`ve been asked how i would make a gasbag fire the link projectile

    so here goes

    extend the GasBag Class like

    class MyGasBag extends GasBag;



    and Extend the Gasbag Ammo Class Like

    class MyGasbagAmmo extends GasbagAmmo;




    here`s the results

    you can download the gasbag addon here....

    sorry if i pinched your idea but i made it just to check i was right


      I think this is great....

      Invasion is my (and several friends) favorite gametype and with
      your addon it has opened waves (ok bad pun) of possibilities...

      I haven't had the chance to take a shot at creating new monsters myself but I am looking forward to it... (mind if I ask questions from time to time and hopefully get some direction)

      I already have a Smith wave on my invasion server and it is very popular with my friends...



        The LinkGasBags work great...

        I have looked at the file but still can't figure out what property to modify for the link gun effect


          oops sorry.....

          I see it now....


            Ooh, these are sweet.

            Hey how about coding sprites, so they could be used as monsters?
            So the player would just need to import the picture of anything he would like to blow to shreds! Like this ****:


              Oh yeeeeeeeeeeees!

              Die, Annoying thing! DIE! :up:


                I'm not very keen on inv. But if I could kill THAT THING I would play it :up:


                  Some ideas...

                  Replace the skaarj with the Predator model by QX9
                  (probably the skaarj that throws the red bolts)

                  Replace the Nalifighter with any of the following...

                  Battle Droid model

                  Terminator model (for UT2003 should still work)

                  Stormtrooper Model

                  Replace the Gasbags with the Imperial Probe Droid
                  (with link gun projectiles)

                  just a few ideas...

                  If you are interested I would help locate the models


                    post the links and i`ll have a go


                      Ok here`s another one

                      the DWGasBag it fires the Dweather meteor at you

                      pretty scary

                      Not a very good Screen shot but trust me he kicks ***

                      you`ll need to install Dweather available here.....

                      and the DWGasBag available here.....

                      you`ll only need one of these and turn the fire rate down in the monster config


                        Not sure if any of these will work...

                        Predator model by QX9
                        can be found here:


                        Battle Droid model by EvilEngine
                        can be found here:

                        BATTLE DROID

                        Terminator model by EvilEngine
                        can be found here:


                        Stormtrooper and Imperial Probe Droid by QX9
                        can be found here:

                        STORMTROOPER and IMPERIAL PROBE DROID

                        Any of these would be great...

                        can't wait to try the DWGasBag it looks tough!!!:up:


                          Wouldn't anywone want to model this one, I seriously want to blow it to tiny shreds.


                            I can't seem to get the DWGasbags to work...

                            I installed the Dweather and the DWGasBag and pasted the

                            following in the satore.ini

                            AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="DWGasBag",MonsterClass Name="GasBagAddon.DWGasbag")

                            I pasted the following in the monstermanager.ini

                            MonsterTable=(MonsterName="[SMP] DWGasBag",MonsterClassName="GasBagAddon.DWGasBag", bUseMonster=True,bUseGibReduction=True)

                            this is how i have used the agent smith addon and the

                            linkgasbag addon and they both work fine...

                            any ideas?


                              AddonMonsters=(MonsterName="DWGasbag",MonsterClass Name="DWGasBagAddon.DWGasbag")

                              sorry my bad in the readme updated it now