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    Br4 1.0

    Name: BR4
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004, CTF4 required
    Description: Bombing Run with more teams and more balls
    Comments: Please report bugs at

    Credits: Thanks to Overload for doing the 4-team code

    We need maps! Mapping instructions are on the Unreal Wiki.

    This is really more like 4-team Bombing Spree, because you can have up to 8 balls, as determined by the map. I don't know if any mappers will actually put that many in, but I wanted to be prepared

    As with Bombing Spree, there are Team Balls, but since there are 4 teams we now have 2 kinds of Team Balls:
    - Team Pickup balls can only be picked up by players on the matching team.
    - Team Scoring balls can only scored against the matching team.
    In either case, you can shoot at balls that you can't pick up, causing them to detonate and reset.

    You can also use the same 4-team scoring options as in CTF4 (and now TDM4):
    - Distribution: You must score a certain number of points against each enemy team
    - Designation: You always have a designated team that you must attack
    - Subtraction: Scoring against a team reduces their score as well as increasing your own
    - Elimination: If your score goes too far negative, your team is eliminated and you can no longer score.

    This version has several changes and fixes since 1.0b2. See the above-mentioned bugs database for details.

    Originally posted by Daspadger (In that other BR4 1.0 thread)
    Hehe! I've already downloaded it!


      about time. lol try up for something like AS4.