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    Name: Dreamchaser
    Version: Second Edition
    Compatibility: ECE Bonus pack and patch 3355
    Description: An Onslaught Map based on Battlezone 2
    Comments: See below

    Credits: Dreamchase aka Deadscion and The Rip Clan

    Well you all liked the first edition of this map, with it's accelerated jumps and all. So we did a bit of remodeling. Hindsight being accurate as always made it easy to see where improvements could be made.

    Using Killbait's vehicle teleporter, along with plenty of advice from The RIP clan, I have added a few new twists to this already fun map.

    Changes to the previous version:
    A better sky showing the midnight sun low in the sky but never setting against a starry background with the glimpse of an Aurora Australis(Aurora Borealis is the North Pole area).
    A stattering of mist emitters borrowed from ONS-Frostbyte to make the area look like powered snow and vapors are being blown around.
    A larger gamebox was added for the higher altitude requirements of the ONS-target painter, which was also added.
    An additional room in a Secret location containing extra goodies using Killbait's vehicle teleporters.
    Real Nice Job on that teleporter KillBait!!

    This is a map meant to be a lot of fun as well as give gamers a serious battle challenge.


    Just wanted a few more folks to get a chance to see and try this map before it dissappears into the pages


      Re: ONS-AntArctica-SE

      Originally posted by Dreamchaser

      A better sky showing the midnight sun low in the sky but never setting against a starry background with the glimpse of an Aurora Australis(Aurora Borealis is the North Pole area).
      eh....??? do you mean north area of the antartic?? if not you can't see the north pole from the south pole, there on opposite sides of the world.



        nope. the aurora borealis are those waves of light that can be seen in the north pole, caused by a combonation of the sun and heavy magnetic force at the poles of the earth. since the northern pole of the eath has an aurora, so does the southern pole, only it's known as the aurora australis.

        no, i'm not an expert, by my mom is a science teacher. :P


          Oreo got it right.

          Due to the axis of earth's rotation to the sun being on a slight tilt 22 degrees I think. The northern hemisphere will have summer while the southern hemispehere has winter and it of course changes up during the rest of the year.

          At the Earth's poles while the North pole has the extreme of a never setting sun the South pole will have it's --winter-- of never ending night with no sun at all. During the other half of the year the North pole will have it's --winter-- of no sunlight light while the South Pole has never ending sunlight.

          Aurora Australis only occurs at the South Pole.
          Aurora Borealis only occurs at the North Pole.

          The Auroras were giving different names, but they are the same stuff, material thrown off by our Sun which seems to be effected by the magnetic poles of our planet and creating the cool lights.

          Science lesson complete have a nice day,,,,


            and now let's talk about the map

            I just played with bots, maybe the map is a bit different online.

            I like the vehicle telporters very much, but I used them once to get the redeemer and then never again, cause I don't need to. Maybe putting the node underground would help...(this would also prevent people from shooting from the "outer nodes" (i don't know the numbers actually). I did this very often with the hellbender, beam turrent. As long as not 3 enemys linked together immediatly, I could destroy the node a second after it started building.

            Also I don't feel very comfortable with too many tanks, but that's just my opionion, maybe others like it.

            Also please work a bit with the water. Optical and IMHO it should make more damage. With acitvated regeneration you're healing faster than damaging.

            At this picture you can see 2 strange things: (no, not the blue circles )

            The left wall shows some kind of stairs or something and the scorpion (as every other vehicle) makes GREY dust. I think there is a tutorial anywhere how to change this. (at angelmapper's site?) I just noticed the rigth wall, I've got to check this ingame again...

            And maybe you could try to get away this edge(?) at the skybox?

            mfg awaw

            ps: I wanted to post this earlier, but I wasn't able to find it under ONS Antarctica or Antarctica...:bulb:


              excellant feedback on the map errors AWAW. I will make a note of those if there is to be a new version.

              The sky edge as you call it does not show up in the pic you displayed but I will look for it and experiment to see what can be done to prevent it next map.

              Yes there is a zone info or level info property which allows the mapper to change the Dustcolor I did not learn of such a thing unril after the release of this map.

              The unusual light at the back of the bleachers is stray light from a light actor which lights up the signs.


                Level.DustColor should determine the wheel dust color. I don't know where you set it.

                Not that any of the default maps ever seem to bother using it...


                  Originally posted by Oreo
                  no, i'm not an expert, by my mom is a science teacher. :P
                  LOL! You never know when that can come in handy.