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    Argh! sunlight!


      ahhh the sunshine of doom!!!


        I just ran through all three CTF maps in that pack and so far this one seems to be the gem.

        It's way to big to be competition spec, but it's an outstanding pub map... or would be, I think, if the pubs didn't seem downright terrified of a complex layout. And this one isn't even really that complex. It's kind of like a cross between Orbital2 and ColaWars, with terrain thrown in for that Super Ape movement effect... nice. Weapon placement seemed OK at first glance, probably tilted toward massive carnage... again, great pub material.

        The look is fairly original, IMO, the shapes are really pleasing and the colors are attractive without being so busy as to detract from play. Really gorgeous, and yes aesthetically I think night- time is the way to go. :up:

        Two gripes:

        1. Midfield spawns = a little bit WTF- style.
        2. There are a couple of places on the outside edge of the flagbase where you can get into major staticmesh trouble if you get too adventurous. Those decos ought to have blocking volumes to prevent mishaps.

        I'm sooooo tempted like a **** to try throwing some vehicles in there and seeing what comes out... it's not quite right for a port, but it's darn close.

        Anyway, yeah, gj.


          thanks for the kind words discord. i agree with the midfield spawns, although i like that they add a bit of tension when you get killed defending and you have to hastily transloc back to the action. as far as vehicles go, this map is just a bit too small for them, at least for my tastes.


            Originally posted by thinkingfeller
            at least for my tastes.

            So does that mean there's a chance you'd consider doing a VCTF some time? You seem to have a nice grasp of CTF gameplay, and God knows they could use some more good maps down that way...


              i'm always open to suggestions regarding my maps, so i'll put vCTF on the list, right under a BR conversion of DC. if you have any suggestions for what would help make this map vCTF friendly, i'd love to hear them.