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DM-UCMP-ThePits(Single Release)

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  • DM-UCMP-ThePits(Single Release)

    Name: DM-UCMP-ThePits
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: UT2004, Compatable with the version from the UCMP pack
    Description: This is the map that I built for the Ultimate Community Map Pack. It is a remake of the classic Quake 2 level of the same name, but has a slew of layout changes as well as all new visuals. The gameplay is focused on a highly interactive environment bended with a solid deathmatch layout. There are some glitches that are still there from when it was released with the UCMP, but they are minor and have not been removed to maintain compatibility.
    Credits:Designer: Michael "Bellasadda" Bellipanni
    The whole UCMP Team for their help making this as good as it is. Blitz for help with the bot pathing on the grinder. Danny Elfman For the music. The whole Quake 2 Level Design Team. And of cource Madeline for the picks at



  • #2
    I thought this was one of the more enjoyable maps for the UCMP. I like the "old school" feel to the map. The moving objects where just great. I really loved getting the 100 shield with the green slime and the moving platforms.

    Great work Bellasadda !


    • #3
      another cracking map from the ucmp present box.

      Not keen on those curly pipe meshs in the 1st shot, or the amount of light colours in the 2nd.

      A nice map never the less. :up:



      • #4
        Bellasadda, pm is waiting for you my good man.

        Edit: And throw some stars on your thread ... always remember to vote on your own threads.

        Here .. have some stars on me!


        • #5
          Looks great!

          Those yellow-orangey lights were the same colors I was using on my other map (and the same setting, the dm-ironic textures) But I never finished it


          • #6
            great remake!

            remake of Q2DM5; a surprise addition to the UCMP pack and I like the moving parts, gear and intricate machinery (if you’re careful, you shouldn’t fall); definitely very true to the Q2 original; I like all the pipes, water stuff, lower areas, screaming and other sounds and music choice but the skybox is too bright (good thing we don’t see it that often); it’s fun and the bots are decent.



            (Whole UCMP pack)