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      Originally posted by thinkingfeller
      And it ruled man! :up: :up: Please forgive me for overlooking it! Please please. You know why ... because it is a CTF map and I am used to DM maps from you.

      Edit: Where is the thread for it? I've got things to say and I won't do it on my man AV's thread.


        the funny thing is that i was really just poking fun at the UCMP, because some maps are just superior to others. (moonflyer is teh pwn!) i wasn't really chaffed that you didn't give me a shout out.

        [edit] haven't released it on it's own yet. if you've got feedback, you can PM me or throw it into the UCMP release thread which is HERE.


          the only real problem i had with Xanadu is there should of been more weapons. sometimes i would be running for about 30 seconds with no gun. but arcadia, we shouldnt rate our own maps from best to worst, thats the communitys job


            AV can take a few blows by now, I remember the days of BETA testing when we scolded the **** out of him for giving us BETAs that ran slower than DM-ChateaudeVille, those good old days....

            BIOS don't be such an attention *****, everyone knows that post has already been taken... by ME
            and post your map as single release already, I want to comment on it harshly:haha:


              Thanks Anuban. Well, beauty, and gameplay, is in the eye of the beholder so...
              I'll try to stop beating myself up. Thank you.

              And as for this...

              Originally posted by Sjosz
              AV can take a few blows by now, I remember the days of BETA testing when we scolded the **** out of him for giving us BETAs that ran slower than DM-ChateaudeVille, those good old days....
              You guys really weren't that harsh on me from what I recall. I recall being much more harsh on myself.
              As for taking beatings, my fisrt map release got a 1.5 on it's first comment at NaliCity because the commenter said the map was not pathed. This hurt especially becasue the botpathing for that map looks like the picture below. Even though I knew he was completely wrong, it still cut me. If that didn't kill my mapping impetus, not much will.
              I'll be around a while barring acts of God...


                Well that is what I want ... for you to be around .. and wow man that is really impressive that you didn't let anyone stop you from becoming a really good mapper .... now I have something real that will help push me those times I just want to throw in the towel. I salute you sir ... many people (most actually) would have just hung it up at that point. Now your legend has really grown with me ... wait until some of the newer mappers on the CXP hear this. You'll be the inspiration of many more! :up:


                  It kinda cool to look back on this one after so much development. I've found that the map gets better every time you play it, which is something I can't say for most of the maps I've played. There are a lot of details (gameplay and visuals) that go unnoticed in just your first play of the map. I know a lot of people complained about the weapon setup a bit, and that there are not enough weapons, but I remember the dozens of other weapon layouts AV went through to get is to where it is right now. I'm still surprised at the amount of detail that you managed to squeeze out of every FPS you lost. I find that you hit the balance just right.

                  Great job, AV.


                    Thanks Anuban. When you start seriously digging into the editor, I'd be glad to help you if you like.

                    And thanks for the kind words, Bellasadda. There are a lot of little details to look for and repeated play should reward the player. However, I'll certainly keep in mind that many players are still searching for weapons and ensure that doesn't happen in my next map.

                    Thanks again,