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    Thanks for the information L7.



      Re: Okay

      Originally posted by eviL<3
      Well, here is a Screen of what Stats there are:
      In that SShot, he's listed as having been "pulverized" 7 times -- that's Redeemer damage, right?

      AFAIK there's no redeemer in DM-Corrugation?

      Anyhow, excellent idea you've got there... those are pretty useful stats to have a look at. Thanks also for open- sourcing it, way to contribute to the community. :up:


        Bug Report:

        I'm not sure how often this happens because I don't think to use battle stats on each and every map. My best guess would be 5% to 10% of the time but I could be way off.

        On some maps during invasion, rather than log win/loss records for each type of monster, it logs win/loss records for each individual monster.

        This is based on observations of a server running among other things, UT2004RPG, MonsterManager, and some other stuff.

        I took a screen shot of it to illustrate.

        What happens is after you kill about 50 monsters, usually by wave 2 or 3 at most, you have a battle stats log screen that wants to be very very long. Once this happens, the game lags up very bad each time you activate the battle stats. Almost like you are getting less than 5 FPS and the game feels like its going to freeze up on you.


          that's Redeemer damage, right?
          "Pulverized" is shield gun kills (like Quake gauntlet stats). I guess redeemer death messages say pulverized too, but it doesn't count that.


          Those monster packs might actually be bots (codewise) instead of monsters, each one with it's own name. I changed some things that may prevent that, and yes, it would be very bad to have hundreds of different opponents. Hopefully this version fixes it, but let me know otherwise.


            Cool I will set this new one up on our server and let it rip.



              how about making this a bit farther were the battle stats are saved to the server and the user can type in top 10 or ranka nd it will show there rank in the stats for that particular server like mani does for css?


                Hi, love this Mut, was wondering if it could auto pop up at the end of the game, because more often then not, one forgets to bring it up after the game.

                You know busy typing insults or congrats, and you forget about the stats lol.

                Be good if it popped up at the end of the map and you could still type stuff.

                *Edit* Like perhaps a few seconds after the UTComp scoreboard opens up, maybe 10 or 15 seconds after the UTComp scoreboard opens up, BattleStats pops up and closes the UTComp one.



                  heres a mirror on my site