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Caravaggio's model pack (6 mirrors & individual packs for each model)

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    Originally posted by Mr_Caravaggio
    .hearts are sweet


      Well... ...I guess that's a heart. :alien:

      Originally posted by Sinnthetika
      BTW, ever think of doing for models, spike, faye, characters from Noir?
      Thought I'd bump this thread to tease Sinnthetika...

      Highpoly version. Currently 30,000 triangles.

      Lowpoly version (test using poly reducer plug-in). Currently 3,000 triangles.

      She's obviously not done, she still needs her coat and a few straps. If I get the urge, I may just skin the "low" poly version, but I'm slow so let's just leave this as a teasing post.

      PS: Saw first few eps of Noir recently. Okay show, but kind of generic character designs.


        Heh, yeah I see... So are you going to release her maybe please?

        When you go to skin her, you could use her eyes from this - Faye Pic - I always liked it, she has "my eyes" in an anime sort of way in that one. Or in Session 24, some of those kind of not so intense moments.

        I'm surpised you went and made her.

        Yeah Noir is generic but I liked one of the character's forgot their names I haven't seen that since I lived in Japan. The blonde character though, not the dark haired one. Or even the assassin, if you got that far. Chloe I think. I didn't totally like that anime anyway. It had it's moments though and some interesting music as the series unfolded. I have no idea though if the domestic releases changed that.


          Originally posted by Mr_Caravaggio
          Lowpoly version (test using poly reducer plug-in). Currently 3,000 triangles.

          Nice, but I'd definitely up the ponies, especially in the face area. Why just 3,000? This is 2005, models should be at least 4-5,000 P, with 7-8,000 being the upper limit. The DOAX Tina port allegedly has almost 15,000 (!!) P (and it shows ), and she's never caused me any trouble on my substandard rig.


            Hmmm... ...sweaty eyes.

            Er. The eyes are problomatic, as with every animated character. I didn't spend enough time on them with the motoko model, and Mugen's entire face is just hard to look at I think. But here I think I can do better this time. Got myself a little reference sheet.

            Right now I'll be happy if I can translate the mood of any of them properly.

            Also, updated high poly version... (below the ugly guy)

            @4tx4, as I said, that was just a test, I think I should go as low as I can before it really starts to look bad because even in the great year of 2005, mesh tearing is still a very real and frightening problem among our games. Contact your local congressman.

            So yeah, when I do a more final version, I'll up the ponies.

            I like that term, I think we should adopt that.


              I would just scale the boots down a little (I'm looking at my statue right now), scale the head up, slightly. Faye uses similar proportions to a few I studied. Looks really cool otherwise. Nice work. Didn't think you'd do this heh.